Honda EV-STER is a concept car, which was presented few years ago. It is company’s vision of future mini sports cars which will be, besides great performances, also oriented on fuel economy. This concept is small in size so, many connect it with legendary Honda Beat, which was popular during 90s. Since there was no successor all these years, many saw this concept as potential successor. However, EV-STER will be a little bit different in its design. Exact details about new model are still unknown, but there are some rumors that new model could come in next few years.

Honda EV-STER redesign


The Honda EV-STER appeared as a concept some time ago and it came with very interesting design. There are some completely new design solutions. It comes with very attractive, futuristic look. There are very straight and sharp lines and definitely the most notable it front fascia, which comes with integrated headlights and grille, filled with blue lighting. Concept car was presented in 2-door roadster body style, and it came with no roof. If EV-STER ever enter serial production, we will surely see some kind of roof, but it is unknown will it be soft of hard top. Also, production model will probably come in two-door coupe variant too.

Honda EV-STER interior

Interior of EV-STER also comes with extremely futuristic design. First thing that you’ll notice is that there is no steering wheel. Instead of conventional way of steering, there are two joystick handles that pivot forward and backward. Dashboard is completely driver-oriented. There are several screens, controls are completely digital etc.

Honda EV-STER rear viewHonda EV-STER under the hood

So far, we don’t have exact rumors about Honda EV-STER powertrain. So, there are all three possibilities in game. Production model could come in petrol, hybrid or all-electric variant. Most of the reports indicate that this small sports car will be economy-oriented. So, all-electric configuration sounds as most possible choice. According to rumors, new model will also have excellent performances. It will sprint to 60 in about 5 second, with total speed over 100 mph. We presume EV-STER will be also offered in conventional petrol variant, probably with some three-cylinder engine.

Honda EV-STER interiorHonda EV-STER serial production

This car it still a concept. However, there are some indications that it could enter serial production. Exact date of launch is still unknow, but it seems possible to see Honda EV-STER in production for about year or two.

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