Honda Car Camper

This vehicle could be just perfect for you, if you are someone who like “houses on the wheels”. Plenty of us always wanted some of these cars, where you can have house-like comfort. However, these vehicles are usually expensive and have very high costs of maintenance. Honda came with new design solution. With this car you will get excellent comfort, enough space for your weekend journeys and similar things, and all of these won’t cost you so much. This car completely meets the standards of Kei cars, which means small engine, small dimensions etc. which eventually means that it is cheap, economic and easy for maintenance.

Honda Car Camper exterior and interior design

Honda Car Camper

The Honda Car Camper is a vehicle which will be perfect for your camping and shorter journeys for sure. It comes well-designed, well-balanced. When it is about dimensions, it completely meets the Kei standard, which means that it is small and easy to maneuver. Exterior styling is very interesting. It has square shape, which remind very on some Scion model. However, overall exterior design is Honda’s unique. Interesting fact is that the design langue is very different compared to the other models of this great Japanese manufacturer. Interior is definitely the main thing about Honda Car Camper. Despite its modest dimensions, it looks very comfortable. It comes with some retro design, which includes two chairs and table in bright colors. There are many windows around so don’t worry, there is plenty of light. There are two beds and these beds are well designed, when it comes to space savings. Simply, there are plenty of design solutions that will make you feel that there is much more space inside than actually is in Car Camper.

Honda Car Camper interiorHonda Car Camper engine

As we mentioned, Honda Car Camper meets the standards Kei cars, so you probably known what to expect when it is about engine and power. In this segment, engine must not have larger displacement that 660cc and 64 horsepower. This car will be powered by 657cc engine which will have max output close to 64 horses. Although this is very modest amount of power, you should consider that this vehicle is very light so, you don’t have to worry about performances.

Honda Car Camper release date and price

Exact details about launch date and price for  Honda Car Camper are expected to be announced in near future.

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