2021 Honda Brio Preview, Specs, Philippines

Brio has always been know as Honda’s smallest vehicle in the lineup if we exclude Japanese Kei cars and the 2021 Honda Brio will continue in the same way. Known primarily for a super-affordable price, this model is a perfect machine for markets of South East Asia, in countries like Indonesia, India, Philippines etc. It offers an amazing value for the money, despite it relies on some design solutions from older-generation Honda models. We particularly like the fact that it comes with a quite capable VTEC engine, a legendary naturally aspirated unit that can’t be found in western markets anymore. For the next year, it looks like the company prepares a nice update, which should bring novelties in terms of the stylings, as well as a couple of changes on the inside.

2021 Honda Brio

2021 Honda Brio Exterior

When it comes to the exterior design, the 2021 Honda Brio will continue with the same base design characteristics. This means some older-generation design solutions, but this also means affordable price, lower maintenance costs etc. As we’ve just mentioned, this is one of the smallest Honda cars you can find, which measures just under 95 inches between the axles. This makes it a perfect city car and a great thing to know is that the next-year model is about to bring a couple of interesting novelties.

According to some sources, the 2021 Honda Brio is about to get a facelift. It looks like the new model is about to come with some novelties at the front, where we are about to see things like new headlights, grille and similar things, all adapted to the brand’s latest design language. A couple of tweaks are possible at the rear end as well, though we have no doubt that the overall shape will remain the same. Of course, there is always a chance to see things like new colors, wheels etc.


Some sources suggest interior changes as well. If you look at the current model, you can see a pretty basic layout, which is something you would expect from such an affordable car. There are no things like touchscreens and other tech goodies and we doubt we will see them in the future either. Simply, this is a car designed for developing markets and the best way to cut down production costs low is to keep things simple on the inside. Still, we might see a couple of tweaks to the dashboard, just to make things look fresher. On the other side, the overall cabin layout will certainly remain the same. So, you may count on the same seats, same amounts of space, cargo area etc.

2021 Honda Brio Interior

2021 Honda Brio Engine

One of the things we particularly like about this car is the engine. 90 horsepower doesn’t look much on paper. However, it’s more than enough to move this small and lightweight car with ease. Moreover, we are talking about a legendary VTEC, which really likes to rev high and sounds pretty amazing considering the 1.2-liter displacement. It works perfectly in pair with a 5-speed manual transmission, while those who are looking for something more efficient can pick a version with CVT. This one isn’t particularly fun to drive but returns lots of miles per gallon instead. In any case, we don’t expect to see changes under the hood of 2021 Honda Brio.

2021 Honda Brio RS

2021 Honda Brio Release Date and Price

Considering the possible update, we might see 2021 Honda Brio a little bit earlier than usual. Some sources suggest it could arrive in the third quarter of the year. Bigger price changes aren’t expected, so the next-year model should remain one of the most affordable cars around. In some markets, base models go under 7.000 dollars.

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