2020 Honda Super Cub C125 Full Review, ABS, Top Speed

There is a number of reasons why Super Cub is still one of the most popular motorcycles in the world. Of course, it all goes to that balance between modern and classic. The bike features a classic look but also comes fully loaded with new technologies. On one side, there is a classic styling. On the other, there are modern features like standard ABS, semi-automatic transmission, LED lighting and more. The 2020 Honda Super Cub C125 continues in the same way, as the only notable change is a new finish. Other than that, things are the same, so we have no doubt that the sales numbers will remain at the same level.

2020 Honda Super Cub C125 front

2020 Honda Super Cub C125 Engine

One of the first things we should mention about the 2020 Honda Super Cub C125 is a well-known powertrain department.  Although a pretty compact bike, it features a pretty impressive amount of power and overall performances, thanks to Honda‚Äôs well-known 125cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine. The engine is air-cooled and easy to maintenance. On the other side, it is fully transistorized and comes with programmed fuel injection. All this provides a perfect balance between performances and efficiency, while the ride seems very refined.

Along with the familiar engine, this motorcycle also comes with a 4-speed semi-automatic transmission. This means you change gears with your foot, but there is no bothering with the clutch, which seems highly convenient.

2020 Honda Super Cub C125 Design

The 2020 Honda Super Cub C125 a pretty compact motorcycle, designed for urban conditions. With just around 48.9 inches in wheelbase, it is quite maneuverable and also easy to park. Another typical feature for motorcycles of this kind is a step-though design, which protects you from wind and dirt, and also provides a pretty comfortable riding position. With just a little bit over 30 inches, the seat height seems perfect for a wide range of riders, no matter the height. 

2020 Honda Super Cub C125

When it comes to the suspension setup, you may count on a 26mm telescopic for, with 3.5 inches of travel. On the rear axle, you can find a twin shock layout, with 3.6 inches of travel. When it comes to brakes, the hydraulic disc is at the front, while the rear wheel comes in pair with a classic mechanical drum. Another thing we should mention is that the 2020 Super Cub C125 comes standard with anti-lock brakes, which ensures safer and more convenient stops.


The 2020 Honda Super Cub C125 is designed not just to be extremely reliable, but also to provide a high level of comfort and convenience. Therefore, it comes with numerous interesting features and design solutions. One of the first things that come to mind is a round LED headlight, which brings that retro flavor but also ensures excellent visibility. Also, we like the fact that the fuel tank is positioned under the seat and that the bike comes standard with an electric seat opener. Speaking of the fuel tank, it has a capacity of a full gallon.

A feature that you can find on much more expensive models is part of the 2020 Super Cub C125 equipment as well. We are talking about the smart-key ignition. Although a retro-looking machine, this motorcycle also comes with loads of modern features, as we already mentioned. One of them is a completely digital instrument cluster, which comes with pretty much everything you need for a convenient ride. It includes things like speedometer, odometer, A&B trip meters, fuel gauge, clock, an indicator for low/high beam etc.

2020 Honda Super Cub C125 rear

2020 Honda Super Cub C125 Pricing

The 2020 Honda Super Cub C125 features a starting price of 3.650 dollars and comes in a new Pearl Nebula Red finish. You may count on a one-year, unlimited mileage warranty, which can be extended via Honda Protection Plan.

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