2020 Honda Shadow Aero 750, Review, Specs, ABS,

Some things never get old and low-rider cruisers are a perfect example. These motorcycles appeared decades ago and haven’t changed too much up to these days. The overall design is still pretty much the same. It’s all about the classic style, full of chrome and low seating position. The 2020 Honda Shadow Aero is a perfect representer of such a design approach and a perfect choice for everyone who looks for a genuine low rider cruiser. The style is here, as well as a classic V-twin engine. A great thing to know is that all this comes at a pretty reasonable price, while economy-oriented riders would like the fact that the engine isn’t too big and that the fuel economy is more than good.

2020 Honda Shadow Aero Black

2020 Honda Shadow Aero Powertrain

Let’s start with the core of this motorcycle. It comes with the authentic V-twin design with a 52-degree angle, which measures around 745cc in displacement. Such size offers a perfect balance between power and economy. On one side, you may count on plenty of low-end torque. This is mostly because Honda implements the company’s famous three-valve dual-plug combustion chamber, which ensures a lot of fresh air and improves the overall performance of the engine.

On the other side, programmed fuel injection has a highly positive effect on fuel economy, so you may actually count on quite respectable 56 miles per gallons. Also, the engine comes in pair with a reliable wide-ration 5-speed transmission, which is designed in a quite old-fashioned manner. Fuel tank features a capacity of 3.7 gallons, so you may count on more than 200 miles on before visiting a gas station.

2020 Honda Shadow Aero

2020 Honda Shadow Aero Redesign

Without any doubt, classic design is one of the things that attract the most potential 2020 Honda Shadow Aero drivers. This motorcycle is designed in a classic cruiser manner. You may count on a typical cruiser design, which is fulfilled with tons of interesting details. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is lots of chrome. Cylinder-head cover, air-cleaner cover, engine side covers, brake and clutch-lever brackets, rear brake pedal, shift lever and many other parts are all about chrome.

Also, there is a good-old full fender design, while the spoke wheels are another nice touch. Finally, there is a typical 2-into-2 exhaust system, where large-diameter head pipes are providing that genuine cruiser look. Moreover, you can easily hear the authentic V-twin sound thanks to a combination of this exhaust system and large-diameter pipes.

2020 Honda Shadow Aero Comfort

Besides the good-old V-twin sound, this motorcycle also features impressive comfort, thanks to a classic cruiser design. Of course, the key feature is a low riding position, which is positioned at only 25.9 inches. This seems perfectly suitable for a wide large of riders, while detachable passenger seat sees perfectly convenient. The bike is very easy to ride, despite it features a quite long 64.5-inch long wheelbase. Parking and maneuvering seem quite simple, thanks to a low riding position.

2020 Honda Shadow Aero side

In order to provide genuine vintage riding feel, the 2020 Honda Shadow Aero also features an old-school fuel tank-mounted instrument cluster, which is designed in a simple, classic manner, although there is a bit of a modern touch, in the form of digital odometer. Those who would like a little bit of more modern touch can pick a model with anti-lock brakes.


When it comes to the 2020 Honda Shadow Aero price, the base model starts at around 7.700 dollars, while the ABS model would cost you an additional 300 dollars. The bike is available in two color options – Black and Pearl Stallion Brown.

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