2020 Honda S660 Kei Car Possible for US

The new 2020 Honda S660 will continue the tradition of Kei cars. These are Japanese smallest legal vehicles for a highway drive. They are light, economical, and not too powerful. Although the design of the Honda S660 is very aggressive, this sport car has limited energy. Whatsoever, its advantages are fuel economy and aesthetic look.

Honda S660 will introduce new features and accessories. The outlook is not going to change too much. It is a low, aggressive sport vehicle. It offers maximum power allowed for Kei cars – 63 horsepower. The first appearance S660 had back in 2013 and we since 2015 the car is on the streets of Japan. Now, the 2020 Honda S660 could head to the US after some modifications.

2020 Honda S660

2020 Honda S660 Concept

So, the 2020 Honda S660 takes the position as the smallest sports car. It is smaller and lighter than Honda CR-Z and NSX. The concept includes a 660 cc engine with an output of 63 hp. The naming is obvious. The Japanese company is using similar nomenclature for its motorcycles.

2020 Honda S660 USA Release Date

The 2020 Honda S660 can’t enter the US market in current form. It is too small for this market. One of the smallest sport vehicles there is Mazda Miata. Its weight is under 1 ton (2,150 pounds). The Honda S660 is even lighter with 830-850 kg (1,830-1,870 pounds) depending on transmission type. On the other hand, Miata is using a 2.0-liter engine, compared to 660 cc unit under the bonnet of 2020 Honda S660.

2020 Honda S660 engine

2020 Honda S660 Hybrid

Some rumors are saying the 2020 Honda S660 could be a hybrid for US buyers. This might be true actually since the Japanese company is looking for the smallest sports car as the entry-level model. Civic is the only available coupe on the market, and the S660 could be its new closest sibling. However, Honda will have to create the new drivetrain for its smallest car. Again, the attention is going to be on fuel economy rather than power. But, 2020 Honda S660 will have to make enough energy to lure buyers.

Kei Cars

The Kei Cars are special vehicles produced in Japan. These are the smallest highway-legal cars that offer maximum 63 hp. Also, dimensions can’t be over 11 ft long and 4’10’’ wide. The engine for this kind of vehicles can’t be bigger than 660 ccs. So, the 2020 Honda S660 is using the biggest possible drivetrain for Kei cars. These vehicles are too small for the United States. They are not going to appear any time soon there, although there are some discussions about the need for the advantages such models are bringing.

2020 Honda S660 interior

2020 Honda S660 Pros and Cons

There are few things that we can’t argue about 2020 Honda S660 and Kei cars. First of all, it is their fuel economy. With small engines, these vehicles can’t consume too much fuel. Yes, there are motorcycles with bigger drivetrains. But, 660 cc unit allows S660 to accelerate faster, while saving fuel. On the other side, maximum output is far away from anything you expect from a car. With 63 hp, this is the mightiest Kei car US buyers could get. Funny, isn’t it.

Well, we have nothing against the design of the 2020 Honda S660. In the matter of fact, it is very attractive. However, it is small and uncomfortable for a ride. All US and European drivers who tested Kei cars are complaining about almost everything. Acceleration and handling without proper mass are not the same as for vehicles in other parts of the world.

Finally, the size limit is shredding the space inside the 2020 Honda S660. So, these cars can’t be comfortable. It would be ok if the cargo area is spacious. But, not… there is no generous room there either.

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