2020 Honda Pioneer 700 Review, Specs, Deluxe, Price

The Pioneer has been a household name in the world of UTV for decades, thanks to impressive performances and overall quality. Among several models that are part of this nameplate, the 2020 Honda Pioneer 700 is positioned in the middle and seems like a perfect option for those who are looking for a perfect balance between size and capabilities. On one side, there is a 675cc single-cylinder engine. It is efficient but also brings all the benefits of a single-cylinder design in terms of power and torque. On the other side, the overall size ensures both great maneuverability and great payload and towing capacity. Add to this excellent suspension setup and Honda’s unparalleled reliability and you get a perfect side-by-side machine.

2020 Honda Pioneer 700 front

2020 Honda Pioneer 700 Powertrain

The hear and soul of this UTV is the engine. This model comes with a well-known 675cc single-cylinder design, which brings an excellent balance between power and efficiency. The engine is liquid-cooled and rubber-mounted, which ensures a smooth and convenient ride. The engine comes in pair with excellent automatic transmission, which comes with heavy-duty torque converter and three hydraulic clutches. Moreover, you can also count on a two-stage shift map that optimizes power and torque delivery. Finally, the thing we particularly like is that you can choose between automatic and manual models. Paddle shifters are part of the standard equipment.

2020 Honda Pioneer 700 rear

2020 Honda Pioneer 700 Design

In terms of base design characteristics and tech solutions, you may count on a typical Pioneer layout. An instantly-recognizable styling and shape don’t bring just attractive look, but well-balanced performances as well. This particularly refers to practicality, as the 2020 Honda Pioneer 700 comes with a tilt bed, which ensures quick unloads. Speaking of loads and unloads, this UTV is actually much more capable than it looks, as you may count on a max payload capacity of 1.000 pounds. Also, the max towing capacity goes up to pretty respectable 1.500 pounds.

When it comes to comfort and convenience, one of the first things that come to mind is Honda’s familiar contoured bench design, which ensures both great comfort and support. Also, you may count on a lot of safety goodies, such as integrated handrails, recessed top tubes and automotive-style three-point seatbelts with emergency locking retractors. Furthermore, you may count on a lot of practical storage areas, including a pretty spacious glove box.

Besides the attractive styling, you may also on three color options – Red, Olive and White.

2020 Honda Pioneer 700 Interior

Dimensions, Chassis and Suspension Design

As we already mentioned, this side-by-side features a great balance between size and capabilities. With almost 77 inches in wheelbase, you may count on a pretty decent comfort, while the maneuverability is on a high level as well. Moreover, the width of 59.7 inches alow two adults to accommodate comfortably while keeping the size compact enough to fit a cargo bed of a pickup truck.

In terms of the suspension setup, we particularly like the fact that the front axle features an Independent double-wishbone suspension, which ensures a smooth ride and features almost 8 inches of travel. Naturally, the Independent double-wishbone suspension is at the rear end as well, thought the travel goes over 9 inches. For convenient stops, you may count on hydraulic disc brakes, while the electric power steering makes the ride super easy. The fuel tank features a capacity of 7.9 gallons.

Pricing and Warranty

The base price goes around 11.000 dollars. Typically for Honda UTVs, you may count on a one-year warranty, which can be extended with the familiar Honda Protection Plan.

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