2020 Honda NX750X Review, Price, Changes, Specs

When it comes to versatility, there is no match for this bike. The 2020 Honda NX750X continues in the same way, essentially unchanged, which is great considering that you may count on the same amazing features that make this motorcycle a perfect on-road adventure machine. Excellent comfort, capable parallel-twin engine and loads of advanced technologies are some of the reasons why we like this bike so much.

Of course, we also like generous storage areas, as well as the fact that the fuel tank is positioned under the seat, which ensures better control. Like previous year models, the 2020 Honda NX750X is also available in two variants, with either manual or dual-clutch transmission.

2020 Honda NX750X

2020 Honda NX750X Powertrain and Performances

The core of the 2020 Honda NX750X is the same 745cc parallel-twin engine, which is one of the best units in the business. Typically for V-twin units, it delivers plenty of low-end torque, while the advanced fuel-injection system has a quite positive effect on fuel economy as well. As we’ve just mentioned, the engine can be paired with either manual gearbox or dual-clutch automatic transmission.

Still, probably the biggest highlight of the 2020 Honda NX750X is Honda’s excellent Selectable Torque Control, which allows you to set the amount of rear-wheel spin, which is one of the key reason why this motorcycle acts excellent in all condition, no matter if you’re in the middle of city ride, pawn country roads or even dirt. Also, this system is particularly great on slippery roads. Keep in mind that this system is available with the DCT version only.

Another thing we should mention is that the fuel tank is positioned under the seat. This brings an obvious advantage in terms of mass displacement, which provides better handling and overall control. Also, such design seems pretty convenient, as you may count on a large 22-inch integrated storage compartment.

2020 Honda NX750X side view

Chassis and Handling

The 2020 Honda NX750X is rigid and compact at the same time. This bike features a steel truss frame, which is light but also sturdy at the same time. Such a design ensures perfect balance and has a fantastic impact on the overall riding experience. Also, keep in mind that the 2020 Honda NX750X comes with Honda MultiAction System rear shock, which does a fantastic job in keeping the ride super-convenient, no matter the road.

In terms of dimensions, this bike seems very balanced. With around 60 inches in wheelbase, it seems both compact enough to be maneuverable but also large enough to be comfortable for both taller and shorter rides. Of course, seat height also plays an important role in this. The seat height, in this case, goes around 32.7 inches.

Comfort and Convenience

When you’re choosing an adventure bike, one of the things that play a significant role is comfort. The 2020 Honda NX750X is great in this aspect. You may count on a typical enduro seating position, which is the most natural and most comfortable for any rider. Also, the bike features amazing ergonomics and it will perfectly fit riders in a quite wide height range.

2020 Honda NX750X rear

Besides an excellent seating position, this motorcycle also features a seat design that provides great comfort and excellent support, which is hugely important on curvy roads and long journeys. Speaking of convenience, another thing we really like is that beautifully-designed instrument cluster. This digital unit looks great, but also provides excellent visibility and shows all the necessary information is a perfect manner. As we already mentioned, you may count on an integrated 22-inch storage compartment, which is large enough even to place your helmet inside.

2020 Honda NX750X Price

The base 2020 Honda NX750X goes around 8.100 dollars. On the other side, models with a dual-clutch transmission and ABS would cost you an additional 800 dollars. For this model year, Graphite Black is the only color in the offer.

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