2020 Honda Monkey Review, Top Speed, Canada and Pricing

Want a small street bike? No problem. Honda has been offering the legendary Monkey for almost five decades and the legendary tiny machine is still a widely popular choice among riders who prefer something compact, but far more rideable than a scooter. The 2020 Honda Monkey carries on with the original design that has been presented decades ago. However, these decades have also brought a lot of evolutionary changes, so the new model comes with a couple of advanced techs and design solutions, starting from programmed fuel injection, ABS etc. For this year, the company has also brought back the legendary Blue color.

2020 Honda Monkey side

2020 Honda Monkey Engine

The 2020 Honda Monkey is small in size, as well as its engine. However, this unit is pretty capable and delivers more than a decent amount of power. Of course, we are talking about a single-cylinder, overhead-cam design, which is simple, easy for maintenance and durable. Besides the excellent engine, typical Honda quality can be seen in the gearbox department. This small bike comes with a nice, smooth-shifting 4-speed transmission, which definitely has a nice impact on the overall riding experience. Practically, this transmission is the thing that makes 2020 Honda Monkey ride like a conventional, much bigger motorcycle.

2020 Honda Monkey Redesign

Of course, the most specific part of the 2020 Honda Monkey is its design and its tiny dimensions. The overall styling hasn’t changed too much since the original launch. You may still count on the authentic look, which makes this bike so special. For this year, the company has also brought back the legendary Blue color, so you may now choose between two finishes. Those are Pear Glittering Blue and Pearl Nebula Red. Also, there are a couple of modern touches, such as LED headlights and taillights. Also, there is a nice instrument cluster, where retro meets modern. While the housing is round and comes in an old-school manner, the cluster is actually completely digital.

2020 Honda Monkey cluster

The size is what makes this bike special. Although it rides like any other motorcycle, it features pretty compact dimensions. With just 45.5 inches in wheelbase, the 2020 Honda Monkey is beneficial in several ways. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is maneuverability, as well as the fact that such size allows you to park this bike pretty much everywhere. This is also great if you need to store the bike over cold months, as it won’t take too much place in your garage. Finally, small size and small engine displacement are perfect combinations for beginners and non-experienced riders. Still, a high-rise handlebar is something that makes this bike suitable for riders of all sizes.

Chassis and Suspension

The 2020 Honda Monkey is small but also very sturdy. Besides a strong frame, it also comes with 12-inch cast wheels, which come with pretty wide tires. Such a combination is perfect for urban conditions. Also, you will definitely like the suspension setup. Things are pretty typical at the front, where you may count on a 31mm inverted fork that offers 3.9 inches of travel. On the other side, we particularly like twin-shock layout at the rear end, which ensures 4.1 inches of travel. Also, a great thing to know is that anti-lock brakes are also available, which ensures more convenient stops in non-ideal riding conditions.

2020 Honda Monkey

Pricing and Warranty

The 2020 Honda Monkey price starts at around 4.000 dollars. Models with ABS would cost you an additional $200. As we already mentioned, the bike is available in two color options – Pear Glittering Blue and Pearl Nebula Red. When it comes to warranty, you may count on a typical 1-year coverage, while extended programs are available via the well-known Honda Protection Plan.

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