2020 Honda Jazz Comes as the EV

Honda Jazz is the name for the hatchback US customers know as Honda Fit. Well, these are not all the same. Non-US model lacks some options we can find in North America. However, the 2020 Honda Jazz is going to close in the gap between these two. First of all, it will follow its sibling in the EV segment. Again, not all markets will see this model. China and Japan will definitely see it. Besides that, the 2020 Jazz subcompact hatchback is going to update its styling.

After the big facelift in 2018 only minor changes is about to happen in the next couple of models. The 2020 Honda Jazz is going to be boring with exterior modifications. However, inside the vehicle, we will find a new infotainment system and some other updates. Safety is on the higher level although this small vehicle is not rated well. All in all, the 2020 Jazz is going to be a small city car with fuel-friendly nature. Also, its starting cost is very attractive, so there is no doubt why this vehicle is very popular.

2020 Honda Jazz EV

2020 Honda Jazz Release Date

The release date of the 2020 Honda Jazz depends on the development of the electric model. We heard that the Japanese company plans to introduce an EV in China, Japan, and possibly in Europe. However, even without an all-electric Jazz, the hatchback will come early in 2020. Again, not all markets are seeing it in the same period of the year. This time, the Jazz could make a simultaneous appearance with Honda Fit. While the one vehicle is coming out in the US, the other one is going to be released in other countries.

2020 Honda Jazz Trim Levels

Again and again, versions of the hatchback we will see in 2020 depending on the market. For example, buyers in most of the countries where the vehicle is available can find it as S, E, or V. As for most other models, Honda is offering LX as the entry-level version for Fit, EX, and EX-L as upper trims, and special Sport edition.

2020 Honda Jazz interior

2020 Honda Jazz Specs

Under the hood of the base 2020 Honda Jazz will be a 1.5-liter i-VTEC engine. Of course, we are coming again to markets and different offer. So, in India for example, the hatchback comes with even smaller displacement. There, buyers are able to drive the Jazz with the 1.2-liter unit. Of course, there is a diesel model as well. A 1.5-liter unit can produce less power but the most torque in the entire lineup. Its petrol sibling can make 120 horses, while the same unit in the US is capable to produce 130 hp. A 1.3-liter gasoline engine is a final option at some markets.

2020 Honda Jazz ivtec engine

2020 Honda Jazz EV

Honda announced its plan to electrify the 2020 Honda Jazz. According to the news, the Jazz or Jazz-based vehicle will have a launch in China. In the first half of 2020, the hatchback will present the new drivetrain capable to go 300 miles before the next refuel. Honda agreed on the cooperation with Chinese companies that will make an electric battery for the EV. That will allow the Japanese company special incentives on this country. Well, the all-electric vehicle is going to be based on the Jazz, but its look is totally unique.


The 2020 Honda Jazz is one of the most affordable hatchbacks in the market. In the US, Honda Fit costs only $16,000 for the base LX model. Similar pricing is in the UK, where the hatchback is going to appear as 2020 Honda Jazz. Chinese buyers must pay the similar cost, while the Jazz will be cheaper in India. Well, a smaller displacement drops the price to around $12,000 when we convert it from local currency.

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