2020 Honda CRF50F Specs, Price, Top Speed

The beginning is always the hardest. That’s what we have learned a long time ago, but that’s doesn’t have to be a rule in all aspects of our lives. The 2020 Honda CRF50F is a perfect example, which helps youngsters to learn to ride an off-road bike in a much more convenient way. This bike is specially designed for youngsters, so it comes with a smaller size, small and simple four-stroke engine and similar things. This bike is simple, but also highly reliable, as it relies on proven design solutions. That ensures extremely low maintenance costs, something parents will definitely appreciate.

2020 Honda CRF50F

2020 Honda CRF50F Design

As we already mentioned, the 2020 Honda CRF50F focuses on youngsters and beginners. Therefore, the first thing you’ll notice about this motorcycle is a small size, so your riders can learn with ease. With just 36 inches in wheelbase, the bike is pretty easy for maneuvering, especially if we consider the curb weight of just 110 pounds. Add to this a super-low 21.5-inch seat height, and it becomes obvious that your kids won’t have any trouble with this machine. Still, such small size doesn’t mean that Honda’s legendary durability and reliability have been compromised in any way. As beginners can be pretty harsh on their new equipment, a good thing to know is that the 2020 Honda CRF50F features a steel chassis, which is strong enough to deal with any kind of off-road action. Moreover, 5.8-inches of ground clearance make it able to go into some pretty rough terrains without worries.

Adult Supervision

Still, the thing that parents will probably appreciate most about this machine is that it allows a lot of parent control. For example, this machine features a keyed ignition. Despite we are talking about a small 50cc engine, it features a removable key, which means parents can have full control and always supervise their kids. Another hugely important feature is an adjustable throttle limited. With this feature, you can change the bike’s max output with ease and adjust it with the rider’s level of experience. This prevents youngsters from going too fast, too early.

Finally, this bike comes with a three-speed automatic transmission. As there is no clutch, young riders can focus on handling and work on their off-roading skills.

2020 Honda CRF50F price

2020 Honda CRF50F Features

The main thing about motorcycles of this kind is to provide excellent durability and reliability, as well as low and easy maintenance. Of course, the best way to provide such a thing is to stick to proven, older-generation technologies. Therefore, you definitely won’t find any kind of fancy feature on this bike. Even the suspension setup is rather simple. At the front, you may count on an inverted telescopic fork, with 3.5 inches of travel. On the other end, there is a single-shock suspension, with 2.8-inches of travel. When it comes to brakes, you may count on drums, which is the cheapest and most reliable solution for off-roading.

2020 Honda CRF50F Engine

Speaking of simplicity and low maintenance, we can’t skip the engine of this motorcycle. Of course, we are talking about a small 49cc unit. It is a four-stroke engine, which comes with lots of simple design solutions, such as air cooling, 13mm piston-valve carburetor etc. As we already mentioned, the engine comes in pair with a 3-speed automatic transmission.

2020 Honda CRF50F main

Price and Warranty

The 2020 Honda CRF50F features a starting price of 1.550 dollars and comes in genuine CRF Red finish, When it comes to warranty, you may count on a six-month coverage, which can be extended with Honda Protection plan.

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