2020 Honda CRF250RX Comes With Big Upgrades

If you’re looking for a super-capable enduro/trail machine, a good thing to know is that the 2020 Honda CRF250RX comes with significant updates compared to the previous year model. It is better than ever, thanks to a full load of upgrades, mostly in terms of engineers, which make this engine, lighter, more powerful and easier to ride. Add to such improvements a recognizable design and Honda’s recognizable quality, and features like sidestand, larger fuel tank and a big rear wheel, and you get an excellent off-road bike, which is ready to take on any terrain at any time. You simply cannot go wrong with 2020 Honda CRF250RX.

2020 Honda CRF250RX front

2020 Honda CRF250RX Powertrain

Some of the biggest changes that were introduced in the 2020 Honda CRF250RX were made on the engine. The new version comes with new pistons, higher redline, bigger radiator and many other things that provide more power and better throttle response. The new bike moves much better thanks to large valve diameter, new cam profiles, new high-volume air cleaner etc. Despite all the novelties and improvements, the engine keeps its overall design the same. We are still talking about Honda’s super-reliable four-stroke DOHC engine. It comes with programmed fuel injection and a shared engine and transmission oiling design. The exhaust system has been updated as well and you may count on lightweight titanium air intakes and valves. The bike is also very convenient, as it comes with an electric started and features a large 2.25-gallon fuel tank.


When it comes to transmission, you may count on a familiar 5-speed manual gearbox, which has been revised for this year. There are new friction materials, which make it stronger so it can deal with the additional power. As we already mentioned, the 2020 Honda CRF250RX features shared lubrication, for notable weight savings.

2020 Honda CRF250RX side

2020 Honda CRF250RX Chassis and Suspension Design

The 2020 Honda CRF250RX received many updates and many of them are here to provide better handling and overall performances. One of the first things that come to mind is a new twin-spar aluminum frame. It saves a lot of pounds and feels much more balanced. Practically, it is the same design you can find on the legendary CRF450R. Still, the engine cradle is a little bit lower. Another interesting novelty for this year is that the batter has been relocated and placed a little bit lower, which lowers the center of gravity and has a big impact on overall handling.

Of course, one of the critical things for good off-roading is the suspension setup. In this aspect, things are pretty amazing with this bike. First of all, there is a new 49mm Showa® fork features a conventional spring design, which comes with new piston and rod diameters, which all have a huge impact on precision, handling and overall feel. Great things can be found on the rear wheel as well. The shock has been mounted lower, for a better center of gravity, while the basic setup includes Pro-Link® system, which comes with a fully adjustable Showa single shock.

When it comes to brakes, there is a pretty impressive large front-brake disc that measures 260mm. On the rear wheel, you will find a little bit smaller 240mm disc, and both of them come with well-designed disc guards. Finally, you may count on excellent Dunlop Geomax tires, designed especially for enduro ride.

2020 Honda CRF250RX rear


The 2020 Honda CRF250RX features a starting price that goes around 8.300 dollars plus a destination charge that goes around $380. Like every Honda off-roader, it comes in a recognizable Red finish.

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