2020 Honda CR-Z Comeback as a Hatchback

Although it has successors, by moving Honda Insight Hybrid to the mid-size segment, the spot is opened in compact class for 2020 Honda CR-Z Sport Hybrid. This vehicle had a six-year run between 2010-2016. Meanwhile, the popularity of hybrid vehicle has grown and the Japanese carmaker is developing the new edition of the CR-Z. This car succeeded CR-X and appeared as sport coupe hybrid vehicle. Now, it could be a compact hatchback, slightly bigger than Honda Fit.

The new hybrid engine is on the way. Besides that, the 2020 Honda CR-Z could appear as the PHEV or all-electric vehicle. That is not all since the company must make a new shell for the car discontinued in 2016. After four years, its design seems to be too old. More distinctive and aesthetic appearance, with aerodynamic lines, are certain for the upcoming vehicle.

2020 honda cr-z redesign

2020 Honda CR-Z Is Coming to the US

Honda is definitely launching the new CR-Z in the major market. However, the first edition of the hybrid got different treatment around the world. So, we could see the car at different prices in Australia, Japan, Europe, and other countries. However, it was not available in some markets. Neither do 2020 Honda CR-Z is getting a worldwide edition.

2020 Honda CR-Z Redesign

The 2020 Honda CR-Z is definitely not appearing in the body of its predecessor. The name is the same, but the vehicle takes a position in another class. It will be a slightly bigger version of the Honda Fit, or Jazz, as it appears in some countries. So, the CR-Z is a new hatchback.

Since it comes exclusively with a hybrid drivetrain, the car will have a futuristic look. The new shell for the 2020 Honda CR-Z is the designers’ task. At this moment we still have no clues about its look. There are no spy photos to confirm the comeback, only rumors based on hints from the company.

2020 honda cr-z interior

2020 Honda CR-Z Hybrid Drivetrain

The base for the new 2020 Honda CR-Z hybrid will be some of the small engines from the Japanese carmaker. We still don’t know the displacement, but it will be under 2.0-liter. Also, it is possible that Honda is going to deploy the different configurations around the world.

Besides the petrol unit, engineers will pair the power with an electric motor to get better mileage. Also, a slight increase in outputs is certain. But, we don’t expect some spectacular numbers. The 2020 Honda CR-Z will be a city car with high mileage and less power.

2020 honda cr-z hybrid

All-electric Honda CR-Z

It is not impossible to see the 2020 Honda CR-Z with electric drivetrain only. The industry is moving toward greener sources of power. Especially the compact and subcompact cars. These are the first to get these kinds of units. Well, electric batteries are still not capable to give support to big SUVs and trucks. So, small hatchbacks and sedans are the first models to get an all-electric drive system. The CR-Z might be first of a kind from Honda. Again, not all markets will see this model. Experts predict China as the favorite for EV’s debut.

2020 Honda CR-Z Release Date and Verdict

The truth is – Honda must raise its offer to new levels. It seems like they are slowing down while the competition is moving on. The evolution must continue and the 2020 Honda CR-Z could be the right choice. It is not all about the comeback of the old nameplate, but the need for something radical. The hybrid hatchback is not, but the signs of evolution are. If the new car appears as the EV, that would be the big thing by the Japanese carmaker. After that, we can expect more and more vehicles within the same brand to follow the steps of CR-Z. Bigger and better-known models are aging, and refresh with hybrid engines and all-electric systems would draw attention.

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