2020 Honda CBR500R Is Superbike In Compact Package

If you look at the 2020 Honda CBR500R, getting a genuine superbike experience has never been more approachable. With this model, you can count on a full experience in a much more affordable way. Just take a loot at base design characteristics and you will realize that this is a pretty serious machine, despite we are talking about a 500cc class. The engine might be smaller, but the amount of power it delivers is impressive.

Also, keep in mind that this is one of the most reliable engines in the business. Other than the engine, this bike comes with the genuine Grand Prix styling, as well as with a steel tube frame, programmed fuel injection and other amazing features.

2020 Honda CBR500R Grand Prix

2020 Honda CBR500R Styling

We should start with one of the most prominent aspects of the 2020 Honda CBR500R. Of course, we are talking about a genuine superbike styling, which looks pretty much the same as the bigger models like CBR650R and bigger bikes. The 2020 Honda CBR500R arrives with a couple of interesting novelties that make it look even better.

The fuel tank has been slightly reshaped, in order to provide even better aerodynamics. Also, you may count on LED headlights and taillights. Another interesting novelty is a new, completely digital instrument cluster, which looks more attractive and also ensures better transparency.

2020 Honda CBR500R Design and Suspension

This model doesn’t just look like a superbike, it also performs like a superbike. One of the reasons is a solid steel-tube frame, which includes a diamond-shaped 35mm steel-tube mainframe that ties the engine and ensures superior handling and rides quality. Another feature we should mention is that this bike features cast-aluminum wheels. Also, you may count on a ProLink rear suspension.

When it comes to dimensions, this bike perfectly balances between comfort and performances. It is large enough to accommodate taller passengers, but also compact enough to ensure excellent maneuverability and easiness or ride. In numbers, this would go around 55.5 inches, while the curb weight goes around 420 pounds, which is quite impressive. Also, we should mention that the seat height is at 30.9 inches, which seems suitable for a wide range of riders.

2020 Honda CBR500R

2020 Honda CBR500R Engine

When it comes to the powertrain, 2020 Honda CBR500R relies on proven solutions. It comes with the legendary 471cc twin-cylinder four-stroke engine, which is one of the best engines around, famous for its versatility, reliability and durability. Of course, you may count on programmed fuel injections and in this case, numbers are pretty impressive. This bike is good for more than 50 horses, which is more than enough for an engine of this size.

Also, the engine revs pretty high, which has a highly positive impact on the overall riding experience. The engine comes in pair with a 6-speed transmission, which includes a slipper/assist clutch as well. Such a feature lightens up the clutch-lever effort by 45 percent but also locks up tight once released.

Besides excellent engine and smooth transmission, the 2020 Honda CBR500R also sounds great thanks to a well-designed stainless steel exhaust system, which includes a nice dual muffler that is positioned in the manner to ensure better mass centralization. For more convenient stops, you can also pick a version with anti-lock brakes.

2020 Honda CBR500R ABS


The base price goes around 6.700 dollars, while models with ABS go around 7.000 dollars. The 2020 Honda CBR500R is available in two colors – Grand Prix Red and Matter Gray Metallic. Typically for Honda bikes, you may count on one-year unlimited-mileage warranty, as well as on the famous HondaCare Protection Plan® for extended coverage.

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