2020 Honda CB650R Review, ABS, Colors, Price

In the world of motorcycles, you will hardly find something more versatile than the 2020 Honda CB650R. The famous naked bike has been revised last year and now comes better than ever. Besides modern café styling, this model offers excellent riding positions, while the engine seems perfectly balanced for all kinds of situations. Don’t forget that the chassis has been revised as well. It is not lighter but also stiffer. Finally, there is a perfectly designed instrument cluster, which shows all the necessary information, but remains simple at the same time.

2020 Honda CB650R

2020 Honda CB650R Engine

The engine has always been one of the strongest points of this bike. The 2020 Honda CB650R continues in the same way, with a well-known 649cc inline-four unit, which has also received some revisions recently. The red line has been raised to 12.500 revs, while there is a slight power boost as well. All in all, the engine offers plenty of power in all ranges. Even in the low revs, you may count on a great response, while mid-revs seem like the most natural area for rides. Of course, the peak is very high, so once you go over 8.000 RPMs, things become really nasty.

Besides the excellent, liquid-cooled inline-four engines, this motorcycle also comes with a 6-speed gearbox, which is now equipped with an assist-and-slippery clutch.

2020 Honda CB650R Chassis

The recent overhaul has also brought significant improvements to the chassis. Simply said, the new model is stiffer and lighter than before. You may notice the use of new lightweight materials, but the company also came up with many other design solutions that have a highly positive impact on saving pounds. For example, even the fuel tank is a little bit smaller than before.

Another interesting feature we should mention is an inverted non-adjustable 41mm Showa SFF fork, while damping and spring rates have been adjusted to provide excellent riding experience in urban conditions. Finally, there are new five-spoke wheels, which not just look great, but also save a couple of pounds. Total weight savings go up to 11.6 pounds, compared to the previous generation.

2020 Honda CB650R rear


One of the best things about this motorcycle is that you may count on an extremely comfortable ride. Despite strong performances, this bike also features a neutral riding position. Compared to the previous model, the seat has been moved forward a little bit and it is also slightly lower. The seat is amazing and the overall impression is that you won’t feel any wrists presume, nor backpain.


The styling is definitely one of the strongest points of this bike. It’s not hard to notice that the 2020 Honda CB650R features a Neo Sports Café design, which mixes elements of naked and sports bikes. Such shape has been upgraded with various interesting features. Of course, one of the things that come to mind first is the LED lighting. LED lights are on both ends of the bike. The trapezoidal layout is fulfilled with excellent dual-layer nano pigment paint, which brings a little bit of futuristic flavor to this classic shape.

Another thing we like is the nice-looking LCD instrument cluster, which shows all the necessary information. You can find a lot of things on it, but everything looks quite simple. You can find a nice-looking speedometer and tachometer, inspired by CB1000R, as well as all kinds of other indicators.

2020 Honda CB650R cluster

2020 Honda CB650R Price

The starting price of 2020 Honda CB650R goes around 9.500 dollars. This excellent motorcycle comes in Chronosphere Red finish and you may count on a one-year unlimited mileage warranty. Of course, Honda also offers various kinds of extended warranty programs.

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