2020 Honda CB500X Review, Specs, Colors and Pricing

If you think there’s no way to find a versatile motorcycle with a tight budget, you are wrong. The 2020 Honda CB500X is a perfect example of a bike that can provide a great riding experience in any situation. Although practically an adventure-tourer bike, this machine is actually suitable for all driving conditions. It acts excellent both off and on the road and, more importantly, its compact size and well-balanced engine are the reason why the CB500X is fantastic, whether you’re going on an adventure, or you just need a short ride of a couple of blocks. Add to this excellent fuel economy and it becomes obvious that this engine is capable of doing anything.

2020 Honda CB500X

2020 Honda CB500X Specs

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind about the 2020 Honda CB500X is engine. These days when 500cc engines aren’t considered as a mid-size class anymore, you may think of this bike as a small and underpowered. In reality, things are completely different. This 471cc parallel twin engine delivers pretty impressive performances. It feels quite relaxed and actually provides pretty impressive amount of low-end torque, this is fantastic when you’re are searching for an off-road adventure. The 2020 Honda CB500X is fast and accelerates very well, while a 6-speed gearbox ensures smooth ride. Also, we like that fuel economy goes way over 50 mpg. Combines with a 4.9-gallon fuel tank, this means you make hundreds of miles on with just one tank.

Design and Features

When you look at the engine size, the 2020 Honda CB500X seems like a pretty compact bike, especially if you add the fact that the wheelbase is less than 57 inches. Therefore, this motorcycle is very maneuverable. It is designed to be strong in all riding conditions, while the last-year update has brought notable improvements in terms of the new front wheel and new front suspension design, which now features 5.9 inches of travel. As we already mentioned for  a couple of times, this motorcycle is ready with all kinds of roads but if you want even more superior riding experience, you can also choose a model that comes with ABS. It isn’t much more expensive than the base model, but ensures more controlled stops in non-ideal conditions.

2020 Honda CB500X side view

Design and Comfort

As we’ve just mentioned, this is a quite compact bike. Still, that doesn’t mean taller riders can’t enjoy its performances. The seat height goes way over 32 inches, while the large windscreen ensures convenient ride for all riders. Also, we particularly like the seat design, which is open and provides unrestricted riding position, which makes this bike perfect for both touring and commuting.

Speaking about comfort and convenience, we should also mention that digital LCD screen, which is designed in a modern manner and both looks and works great. It shows plenty of information but also remains pretty simple and transparent. Speaking of the attractive layout, the whole bike is designed in a typical adventure bike manner, which will make you look great as well. Of course, there are many possibilities to upgrade the 2020 Honda CB500X’s styling, as the company offers all kinds of accessories.

2020 Honda CB500X cluster

2020 Honda CB500X Pricing and Warranty

The 2020 Honda CB500X features a starting price of around 6.700 dollars, while the model with ABS would cost you an additional 300 dollars. The motorcycle is available in the Grand Prix Red color option. When it comes to the warranty, things are pretty typical. You may count on a one-year unlimited-mileage warranty, but you can extend it with the well-known HondaCare Protection Plan.

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