2019 Honda S660 not coming to US

The S660 roadster is one of the latest additions to Honda’s family. The car received a praise right from its first showing. However, this model is not available worldwide. Probably the most disappointed fans are these in the US. According to the latest news, the 2019 Honda S660 is going to miss North America. The vehicle stays in the first generation. It arrived in 2016 with a new platform, modern design, and very economical engine. These characteristics will be the soul of the next Honda S660.

Changes on this model include interior updates, at first place. Also, some exterior accents will find the way to the new 2019 Honda S660. Besides that, we don’t expect any big move. Light and maneuverable, this roadster can be very functional in a city or highway drive. The bad thing is there are no many options, but the base model is pretty attractive for itself.

2019 Honda S660 front

2019 Honda S660 specs

Don’t get tricked by the output of the 2019 Honda S660. The car will keep the same old 63 hp-rated engine with great potential. It is a 0.7-liter drivetrain. The S660 has a mid-engine layout with 6speed manual transmission. However, buyers can opt for a continuously variable transmission. The engine is not so powerful. It can deliver 63 horses and 77 lb-ft of torque. Model for 2019 will improve the fuel economy, mostly because of lightweight materials in its body.


With just 90-inch long wheelbase, it is not hard to drive this car. However, the 2019 Honda S660 will additionally improve cornering and overall handling. Independent suspension and special brakes fit well and also help the driver to feel the full impression. Whatsoever, top speed is set at 85 mph. Not too quick, but still excellent output for a 63 hp engine. The new S660 roadster will sprint to 60 mph in 10 seconds.

2019 Honda S660

2019 Honda S660 facelift

Changes to the 2019 Honda S660 will be mostly cosmetical. Designers are not planning big redesign or a new generation yet. Instead, the company will launch an updated model for the next season. Modifications are not big. However, these are notable and will make the roadster fresh and attractive. The highlight of the S660 is its exterior look. Revisit of bumpers and grille are probably the most we can see on the 2-door convertible car.


Probably more changes are coming inside the vehicle. After the initial release, this roadster hasn’t seen any other models. After three years, many systems are old, and refresh is the must. First of all, the infotainment system. Parts of it becomes old very fast. Meanwhile, Honda launched many innovations and features that will be part of the new 2019 Honda S660. Also, the dashboard needs to be more transparent. Futuristic gauges boost the overall impression. Finally, the refresh ends with new materials on the upholstery, door panels, and seats.

2019 Honda S660 interior


Once again, Honda has to bring novelties into this segment. Roadster class is very specific. These vehicles were famous, but now buyers are choosing other types of cars. However, the 2019 S660  will try to improve its safety, so the occupants can feel more comfortable. Honda Sensing is a safe bet for this car. But, we need to see which features it will include.

2019 Honda S660 release date

The 2019 Honda S660 is going to have a debut in its homeland. Appearance in other markets is not certain yet. Eastern countries could have hopes for it. Unfortunately, the car is not coming to the US yet. The base price is also unknown. However, experts believe that Honda S660 will cost around $17,000. With such price, it will be similar to Civic sedan and CR-V crossover.

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