2019 Honda S1000 Release Date in USA

It is time for the 2019 Honda S1000 to debut. It’s been more than three years since its sibling S660 appeared. Back then bosses gave a hint that upscale model will come after it. Nevertheless, we were suspicious about reports telling it is happening late in 2018. And now, it is time to expect the official update about S1000.

The new roadster will be a close sibling to the Honda S660. The same platform is the base, but the 2019 Honda S1000 is longer and wider. Furthermore, the bigger car needs more power. Well, a 660 cc unit is pretty tiny. However, a 1.0-liter mill is not going to deliver some breathtaking specs. But, for fans of S660 that would like more excitement, any enlargement would be great.

2019 Honda S1000 front

2019 Honda S1000 Specs

Under the hood of the 2019 Honda S1000 will be a 1.0-liter engine. The Japanese carmaker is naming their cars, UTVs, ATVs, showing the volume of the engine. That is the case with S-roadsters. The first one, S660 has a 660cc powertrain. The bigger unit comes with 1000cc or 1.0-liter. The only thing we know at this moment is the mill is capable to produce 130 horses and 110 pound-feet of torque (150 Nm). This is a significant upgrade compared to the Honda S660. The smaller roadster can make 77 lb-ft or 105Nm.

This unit was a part of Honda Civic lineup. Well, it can’t compete with the performance of bigger powertrains the US version has to offer. However, a 1.0-liter VTEC mill could be a budget saver. With modern design of the 2019 Honda S1000, we are pretty sure that fuel economy is a good reason to consider the purchase of this car.

2019 Honda S1000 concept

2019 Honda S1000 Design

The design of this small sports car is going to be influenced by its older brothers, Civic and Acura NSX. The front of the 2019 Honda S1000 adopts some headlights and a bumper very similar to the Japanese compact car. Furthermore, the sidelines and the back unveil similarities with Acura NSX. Nevertheless, both these models are bigger and the closest sibling remains S660. The most similarities we can find there. After four years, a two-seat compact car could suffer the first bigger update. The redesign is bringing new parts and design solutions, which Honda S1000 can use as well.


While we can predict what to expect outside, the interior is a total mystery. Honda is hiding all details. However, the roadster will have sport seats and steering wheel. The company is not going to pack the 2019 Honda S1000 with too many premium features and materials. HondaLink infotainment system comes with Android Auto. Apple CarPlay is not available. Navigation is optional. There will be room for four persons inside. However, back seats are not for taller persons.

2019 Honda S1000 prototype

2019 Honda S1000 Release Date

As it was announced three years ago, when the S660 debuted, the S1000 comes late in 2018. As the model for the next year, it could come as the concept vehicle, with production set for 2019. Nevertheless, as soon as Honda decides to launch this car, we will have more details. At this moment, all reviews are based on rumors and old info. So, the 2019 Honda S1000 could receive totally different purpose with lack of interest in roadsters.


In 2015, the Japanese brand Honda decided to launch a small convertible vehicle to attract the youngest public. A few months later, the success of the car led to higher expectations. Despite great acceptance of S660, the main buyers of this car were people over forty years. To fix this issue, carmaker plans to expand this class with a more powerful version 2019 Honda S1000. Also, the new model will explore new markets, such as the USA and Europe.

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