2019 Honda Prelude Returns Next Year

With a new environment and technology, Honda is trying to do their best to keep in touch with the new order. The latest piece of information requires a full understanding of the new model of 2019 Honda Prelude. The most facts considering this model, in particular, is its history.

This model had a nice start even back in 70’s when it started to sell mainly in Europe and lately in the USA. Prelude had started as a two-door coupe with sporty styling and nice interior schedule. However, the orders are stopped in 2001 when production had no more work and interest for that model. Within almost 18 years after, we can expect something new and different.

While there are many guesses about the details, this model should be released in the recent future. Some experts are being optimistic about launching in 2019 but there is no confirmation about that detail. Although there is no official announcement from Honda company so far, its probably take place for even 2020.

2019 Honda Prelude

2019 Honda Prelude Specs

Honda is always true about long-lasting quality and superior advantage in motor features. Without a word, we can assume that even in this case, the engine will have a great role in the overall line-up. Based on earlier experience, the engine is going to be mid-mounted. It will be positioned behind the front axle which gives car better weight distribution.

The engine is a product of new power plants. There are many suggestions about possible solutions. One of them for the base model is 1.5-liter turbo-four with 200 hp. A bigger one should look like 2.0-liter turbo-four with about 300 hp. All of these engine possibilities will have a 6-speed manual in the base configuration for front wheels only.

AWD is also possible to be included in both engine specs in order to allow new 2019 Honda Prelude to have more success in the crowded market. The cars with upper trim level equipment with new 10-speed automatic gearbox will make new Prelude one of the fastest models and hard opponent.


The modernization of the vehicle could include a hybrid drivetrain. Since the base model is using a four-pot unit with a turbocharger, the same petrol mill could come in a pair with an electric motor. Nevertheless, it is not going to be a turbo mill. That means less power. On the other hand, hybrid drivetrain boosts overall mileage. Also, it will work smoother, so the cabin is going to be quieter, like for Honda Clarity.


2019 Honda Prelude Redesign

The 2019 Honda Prelude will continue the tradition set by its predecessors. This sport car comes with a two-door layout and low position. There is not too much of a ground clearance. Aggressive front fascia shows the unique grille. However, the concept vehicle is usually not the same as the production model. Huge wheels we can see on render photos are probably 19- or 20-inchers. Finally, some images show spoiler or radio shark fin antenna on the back of the roof.


Interior of the 2019 Honda Prelude will get sport seats for sure. Furthermore, we could expect some sort of an autonomous drive as a tester for future EVs. The cabin uses most of the accessories we can find on other Honda sport vehicles and coupes. Infotainment is going to offer the latest version of the HondaLink system. Safety features will certainly include parking sensors, cameras, and alert features such as lane departure and front collision.

2019 Honda Prelude front

2019 Honda Prelude Launch Date

The 2019 Honda Prelude release date is not set yet. But, from leaked information, we hear the vehicle will debut early next year. We shouldn’t expect too much. This model will be production-ready in 2020.

The price is totally unpredictable. The 2019 Honda Prelude will take a new spot, with new engines and design. We can compare it with some vehicles we think it will compete, but the fact is – nobody knows where will the new 2019 Prelude land.

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