2019 Honda Pioneer 500 Changes, Top Speed and Accessories

When building a UTV machine, companies must pay attention to a few things. The most important is that these vehicles are there for an off-road work. So, increased towing capacity and better stability is the main difference between it and ATVs. The 2019 Honda Pioneer 500 is the entry-level model. However, the Japanese company will offer few more UTVs. If you need more power, then Pioneer 700 and Pioneer 1000 could be the right model for you.

All of them will suffer modest changes for the upcoming season. The company is now developing the brand new off-road vehicle. Honda Talon side-by-side will be something between UTV and ATV. On the other hand, 2019 Honda Pioneer 500 remains the top option if you are new in this segment. This UTV will learn you how to handle and drive these models. Soon, all the riders are looking for more excitement and move to its bigger sibling.

2019 Honda Pioneer 500

2019 Honda Pioneer 500 Specs

From the 475cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder, all buyers can expect superb performance and MPG rating. It is not easy to estimate precisely the fuel economy since the 2019 Honda Pioneer 500 moves across different types of terrains. Up front, we have 200mm brakes, while 170mm single brake lays on the back. A liquid-cooled engine is good for 28 horsepower rating and the UTV can achieve 40 mph of max speed.


Improvements for the next season will come after revisit of the liquid cooling system. This feature guarantees optimal working temperature. By that, we can count on more power, although this 475cc mill could use an air cooler. Finally, it boosts durability of the side-by-side vehicle. Furthermore, engineers will also improve four-wheel drive system. Nevertheless, a two-wheel drive remains the option. Riders will be able to choose from better handling 2WD mode, or they can boost the traction by 4WD.

2019 Honda Pioneer 500 wheel

2019 Honda Pioneer 500 Accessories

As most of UTVs, the 2019 Honda Pioneer 500 will have a ROPS system. For the upcoming model, it will be lighter but will keep the strength. Also, you can upgrade your Honda Pioneer 500 with windshield and other accessories. Some of the features are borrowed from the ATV segment. However, wider body and cargo box allow this UTV to tow 450 pounds on the back. It will change the gravity center, adding more balance to the 2019 Pioneer 500. The maximum towing capacity of this vehicle is 1,000 pounds.

The advantage of the smallest unit in the lineup over its bigger brothers is the protection net. This feature is integrated into doors. Pioneer 700 and Pioneer 1000 are separating these two parts.

Under the vehicle, we can measure 8.5 inches of ground clearance. This is not bad, but it is still less than some ATVs are offering. Nevertheless, drivers are not finding this as a downside.

2019 Honda Pioneer 500 rack

2019 Honda Pioneer 500 Driving Impression

Everyone will enjoy driving the 2019 Honda Pioneer 500. Reasons are simple. The UTV is reliable and fun to ride. It will go across many off-road obstacles. Also, proven Honda engine is not letting you down any time soon. Parts are made of quality materials, so you can enjoy driving Pioneer 500 until you decide to move on to the higher category. Honda will have a response with Pioneer 700 and Pioneer 1000 side-by-side models.

2019 Honda Pioneer 500 Price

According to an official statement by the company, Honda is holding half of the UTV market. Nevertheless, this is not because their vehicles are affordable. All contrary. Buyers recognized that if they spend slightly more money they can receive the large benefit. The 2019 Honda Pioneer 500 is the cheapest UTV by this company. It will cost $9,000 without extra features. Camo paint job will boost the price for $600. Windshield with hard coat costs $530 and cargo box $500.

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