2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid Release Date, Price, Specs

Honda Pilot will bring many changes when it comes to salons in 2019. The third generation of the vehicle was launched in 2016 and there is no need for big changes yet. Whatsoever, the vehicle could see a facelift. But, the major change is a new drivetrain system. The 2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid will be a star in a 3-row mid-size crossover class. Well, it is already, but with the plug-in model, it will neutralize the advantage Toyota Highlander has. It was the only hybrid in the segment. Now, Pilot Hybrid is going to surprise everyone once again.

2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid

2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid electrification plan

Hybrid and electric vehicles are the future of the car industry. Leading companies are already making big plans for electrification. Probably the most lauder is Ford. The US carmaker is planning to launch at least 20 hybrids by 2023. Toyota is already a leader in this segment. This company is already the only one with three-row SUV in mid-range class.

But, Honda is not too late. In next couple of years, we will see vehicles from this manufacturer with a hybrid drivetrain. The first generation will come during next season. Besides 2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid, other crossovers will get plug-in drivetrains. Probably the first to get such source of power is going to be Honda Odyssey minivan.

2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid specs

The 2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid will borrow the system from its sedan sibling, Honda Accord. This is the pioneer in the company with the plug-in drivetrain. However, it will be the base for all other vehicles coming from the same manufacturer. The combination of a 2.0-liter petrol unit and an electric battery is powerful enough. However, the highlight of this model is its fuel economy. In addition, the 2019 Pilot Hybrid should inherit the great transmission that works very smooth. The total output on the Honda Accord sedan hybrid is 215 hp. Pilot SUV could get even more.

2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid engine


Active hybrid system on the Accord is very economical. Mileage of almost 50 mpg will be more than just a budget-saver. Well, we can’t expect such results from the 2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid. The SUV is bigger and heavier. Also, the company could pair electric motor with a bigger engine. A 2.0-liter turbo-four mill in a sedan can go 23/34 mpg in city/highway. Plug in combo doubles the figures for the urban ride.

Pilot uses only a V-6 engine. It is not so fuel-friendly with 24 mpg combined. However, with the same boost and smaller displacement, the SUV could go 40 mpg in city ride. However, its performance would radically drop since the petrol unit bursts 280 hp.

2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid equipment

Not only that 2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid will bring changes under the hood, but also inside the cabin. The crossover will bring many new features that will support the plug-in system. Whatsoever, designers will update the upcoming Pilot. Most of these additions will be available for the hybrid version. We can expect a new display, more transparent dashboard, and a lot of knobs and buttons. However, the crossover will remain a three-row mid-size SUV with enough room for big families.

2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid side

2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid release date and price

The 2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid will be available for purchase next year. We could see a concept, preview, or even a debut earlier. However, the plug-in model is not coming at the same time as the standard petrol vehicle. With it, Honda will have another chance to draw more attention. They are doing so now, by keeping their mouths shut about the price. There are no estimations about it, but the hybrid won’t be the most expensive vehicle in the lineup. On the other hand, we can’t expect it cheap. A boost of around $5,000 to the base model could be a realistic expectation.

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