2019 Honda Mobilio Redesign, Specs, Price

New arrivals are taking heads up on upcoming launching in 2019. Honda revealed new models which will be at grand opening next year. The most unexpected surprise is a new line of new 2019 Honda Mobilio which was earlier imagined like a combination of van and SUV. However, many things are different and there is no secret that new materials and additions will take the place.

According to some details inside the company, new trim levels will find inspiration in the latest technological achievements. Improved design and stronger performance are one of the most visible updates based on this model. Fist edition was almost a decade ago, and with the new version is impossible to make the smallest comparison. It is confirmed that this model is going to be more affordable, but that does not mean that construction cost less. The same technology Honda is using on the Odyssey minivan.

2019 Honda Mobilio

2019 Honda Mobilio engine

Since the new 2019 Honda Mobilio is preparing its launching in Thailand, there is a spec created for eastern market. A different way of engine spec will be available for the new vehicle, and it is confirmed that there will be two engine options. Also, some rumor says that will be some hybrid solution in the plan but that is not confirmed yet. Hybrid models are a nice solution for European drivers since the combinations of fuels are useful in some countries.

The first option is 1.5-liter i-VTEC which is gaining 117hp and 146bl-ft of torque. The engine will have stronger output and towing capacity with slightly redesigned construction. Lighter body is gaining more output in performing since the faster transmission goes. Fuel consumption is on a higher level which makes him environmental safe.

The second choice will be 2.0-liter with higher hp and torque which will help demanded performance. Although the final tests are still in progress, some estimators say that this version is more affordable and available. However, this one will have fuel reduce enough to run smoothly on rough terrains.

2019 Honda Mobilio engine

2019 Honda Mobilio interior

The new vehicle 2019 Honda Mobilio is ready for next updates. Compared with the current model, this one has bigger entrance and more comfortable interior. This car is a family vehicle with all abilities for comfortable long-distance driving. As we said, a multi-purpose vehicle which will have more updates than the earlier model.

Interior will be spacious with 2-row of seats which is adjustable with much legroom for passengers. Driver seat is in upper position so the view has more clearance. The new infotainment system is in higher level so depending on trim level, the offer will be also different. According to earlier models, Honda will offer different additions to trim required. All Honda will at least have basic Honda Sensing package.

2019 Honda Mobilio exterior

There will be new updates regarding previous model and customers feedbacks. New 2019 Honda Mobilio will have slightly changed dimensions since the shell of a car won’t be the same. Ground clearance will be higher and there will be enough room for 17-inch tires and aluminum wheels. Although sporty and still with classic lines, this multipurpose vehicle will change some details in structure.

Body is from a combination of materials like steel and aluminum which gives significant weight loss. Fascia suffers redesign, so the grille and headlights come together closer in line. LED technology is present in the overall concept. The four-door system with sliding way is more than appealing.

2019 Honda Mobilio front

2019 Honda Mobilio price

The 2019 Honda Mobilio is going to be available mostly in Asian markets. This MPV is very popular in Philippines and India. So, there is no surprise why this vehicle is making the best-selling results in these countries. One of the reasons is the price. The 2019 Mobilio MPV will cost from $10,000 or just above 7 lakhs. Higher end models, with the different drivetrain and trim configuration, will go over $16,000. We don’t speak about the RS model, which is not likely to happen again. Even if it does, the cost for the performance-tuned model will be close to $20,000.

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