2019 Honda HR-V Turbo, Redesign and Price

There is still time for Japanese carmaker to make a new order on the American market as it continuing with new arrivals. New 2019 Honda HR-V will attempt to make a commercial breakthrough on the domestic area since there were many new things upgraded. The main rivals like Mazda CX-3 and Nissan Juke will also offer new additions to the overall concept. This modern and futuristic crossover will certainly gain many positive marks. Although final launching is prepared for 2019, we can still expect spy shots from test driving and possible exterior changes. Performance is improved as we expected and new engine choice can also be the reason why is this model possible future choice. All reviews are telling us that rush for upcoming arrival is rising, and Honda will offer many new appealing packages.

2019 Honda HR-V

2019 Honda HR-V engine

The engine of new 2019 Honda HR-V is based on two main options. Upgraded specs will offer 1.5 and 1.8 engine units which will boost performance to the new level. Current units are having less output, and 1.8-l will gain 141 hp and 172 lb-ft of torque. Transmission is paired with 6-speed manual or CVT. With CVT spec will add new paddle shifter in order to control the power delivery. New HR-V will have two driving options FWD and AWD. In AWD will offer about 28/35 mpg ratio and 26/32 in FWD in city and highways. The max speed until measured is 0-62 mph for 8.6seconds with 123 mph max speed.

The smooth and reliable ride will be available with both of engine possibilities. Also, the important spec is fuel reduce since is having all additions. Environmental safe and useful, both engine choices have fuel-saving controls. However, some speculations say that engine will have a hybrid configuration, nothing is sure yet.

2019 Honda HR-V side

2019 Honda HR-V exterior

New 2019 HR-V will have unique and yet redesigned shape and appearance. The design is classic with sporty features and longer dimensions. Shell and overall body concept have more of lighter materials which will make even performance smoother and easier. Combination of steel and aluminum with protective carbon layer will make new exterior desirable. Front headlights are LED lamps, with upper grille and back up arches. Wheels are larger with a 17-inch dimension which gives the classy impression of a vehicle. Windows are narrow with possibility putting a darker glasses and rear door handles. The roof can be sliding and with roof-spoiler look even more sporty.

2019 Honda HR-V interior

This part of every Honda vehicle is very important and designers do their best to give nice double of quality and design. New 2019 Honda HR-V will have a new entrance with a spacious cabin and upgraded rear seats. There will be available much more leg-room space between. Upper steering wheel will have a little more upper space so the driving can be more visible and clearer. According to trims, we can except different updates with technologies and design details.

2019 Honda HR-V interior

2019 Honda HR-V release date

Honda is probably planning to launch their close siblings, CR-V and HR-V together. Compact crossover is not popular as the mid-size CR-V, but demand is still high. So, by the end of 2018, we will see the new small SUV. We assume that last quarter of this year would be the perfect timing for launching the 2019 Honda HR-V.


The 2019 Honda HR-V will keep pricing list of the current model. Well, at least entry-level models will have the price of around $20,000. Whatsoever, there will be some changes in the trim levels for this vehicle. Modifications will make the prices go up, with new equipment on the list. However, top of the class models won’t cost over $30,000. That is the EX-L SUV with navigation, Apple CarPlay, and many other features.

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