2019 Honda CR-Z Hybrid, Release Date, Price

New arrivals are heading to offer us a new specter of possibilities and updates as well. New 2019 Honda CR-Z will definitely fulfill the mission of Japanese carmaker with the new order of high-tech and luxurious hatchbacks. Although made for the American market, new CR-Z will make a reboot for its predecessor. With upgrade design and stronger engine possibilities, we can conclude that there will be a lot of new surprises ahead. Hondas new vehicle will be described as a sporty hybrid coupe. With a spacious interior and cozy materials, this one will enter the new order in the design of new generation.

Smaller by dimensions, this hybrid will not suffer too many rigorous changes in overall concept. Fuel utilization is useful and guaranteed. With significant Honda’s additional equipment, this model is heading to higher opponents. According to trim level, there is also a new line of possibilities which are taking its advantage ahead.

2019 Honda CR-Z

2019 Honda CR-Z engine

The new engine of 2019 Honda CR-Z comes with redesigned motor and higher power. The motor will be using a 1.5-liter engine with higher fuel consumption and faster fuel injection. The new gasoline engine will have a new order of pipes which develops 130 hp and 140 lb-ft of torque. There was a word about increasing numbers in future times, but tests are showing positive marks.

Since the body of the motor has new materials which provide smooth and no-sound performance, this engine will suffer possible changes. Engineers did not confirm yet, but there will be another possibility of fuel choice and upper-level HP. Mileage on highways and city is higher with a 6-speed transmission.

2019 Honda CR-Z side

2019 Honda CR-Z interior

Based on rumors but in the actual predecessor, new 2019 Honda CR-Z will be completely renewed as a futuristic vehicle. Interior will be classy and nice packed with many interesting details. Entrance will be spacious and 2-row seats are promising detail. With much of the leg-room space, this provides a comfortable and joyful ride. According to upper trims, we can expect a genuine material, like leather and wood, and also blackened glasses inside.

The steering wheel is in a higher position and it has much better clearance on sight ahead. Upon the wheel will be available new upgraded dashboard with new programs. Safety control modems and programs, also as the latest infotainment system will equip almost all trims of CR-Z. With slightly changed LCD screen, maybe larger dimensions to 10-inches sharp will increase visibility and easy handling.

2019 Honda CR-Z exterior

New 2019 Honda CR-Z will have slightly changed dimensions according to its predecessor. The body and construction are using lighter materials, such as steel and aluminum. There will be one more top layer of carbon which will have a protective role. The fascia of the vehicle is stylish and it comes with the great impression of the futuristic car. However, new series will start to gain more and more details as current Civic has.

There is still unclear data about final exterior design, but it is sure that will be upper-class materials involved in the production. The sliding roof will be on top of experimental details which will have a spacious entrance as well. Long doors will also have its role with classic lines and classy shape.

2019 Honda CR-Z Rear

2019 Honda CR-Z price

Launching date is also a question. Experts believe that new 2019 Honda CR-Z launching take place on the eastern market in 2019. There is a rumor that even this year we can result in test trials which will show the real numbers of performance in different conditions. Showrooms are waiting for possibly current example how future CR-Z should look like. Estimated price is not familiar yet, but we can predict that base model is going to e affordable starting with $29,500. Which is not much for this class.

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