2019 Honda Civic SI is Top of the Line Model

New arrivals at Honda company are possibly the best offer which we can see in next period. The new 2019 Honda Civic SI is coming as new series of a luxury hatchback with the new redesigned concept. Design and performance are significantly improved and base models will have almost similar packages. Even the higher trims are not lacking, the optional equipment showed nicely arranged possibilities for each model. Since there will be no official announcement yet, we can expect closer information in next months.

By the end of the current year, we will have closer details about final exhibition and powertrain options. Honda hatchback models are in demand in the American market, so there is no doubt about the increased sell. Inspirational and sporty, this SUV will steal the show by its new appearance and refreshed specs as we waited so.

2019 Honda Civic Si

2019 Honda Civic SI engine

Since the 2019 Honda Civic SI is made for the American market, there are some redesigned details in motor structure. In earlier models, we could see the original 1.5-liter motor with 205 hp and 193lb-ft of torque. However, new motor will get an opportunity to replace the current one with 2.4-liter engine spec with 158 hp and 138 lb-ft of torque. The Japanese group of engineers which develop on USA ground is making a nice work and maintain confidentiality and quality as well. On trial test drives, the performance showed good results and smooth ride I town and especially on highways.

 New Civic SI is a typical roadster for American roads, which has more racing specs than usual. Replacing current engine with turbo spec means also that fuel consumption will have a higher rating. Environmental clean without wasting energy, this spec will come with 6-speed transmission all-wheel drive. Maybe there is a possibility of adding front-wheel first but that is just a guess.

2019 Honda Civic Si engine

2019 Honda Civic SI design

The upcoming 2019 Honda Civic SI is getting a nice design and overall concept suffered some visible changes. This model is a sportier version of a standard hatchback. Available in multiple color editions, we can say the design I literally futuristic. Some details are larger, and some are not there anymore, but we can see clearly that dimension is almost the same.

Body frame is made of a combination of several materials such as steel and aluminum. All fame will have a protective layer of carbon which is supposed to be available for every trim level. The front part is classic with great headlights on the front with protective LED technology. The LED lighting system is present in overall concept, so is fine visible in tailgate from the back.

Bigger side shoots and spoilers are giving the aggressive appearance. These futuristic details combined with higher wheels are heading to a new era of hatchbacks. Bigger side-vents are giving support to final concept.


Interior is spacious and comfortable and nicely furnished. There is cabin which offers different types of materials in. Upper wheelbase with the latest dashboard will offer new programs regarded with latest technical specs. New infotainment system will take Honda Sensing package as well. So, we can expect many safety measures like navigation, wifi, Bluetooth, and USB ports.

2019 Honda Civic Si interior

2019 Honda Civic SI price

Although is early for pricing estimations we can say that price is heading according to trims and engine additions. Comparing to current model this car is not so much stronger. The new 2019 Honda Civic SI is gaining some extra credit in own concept. The platform is different, lighter and still strong which will give guaranteed smoother performance and safe drive. Some of the prices can go from $23000 which will be stronger with optional additions. In that case, the price will go higher to the $24600 for top upgraded models.

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