2019 Honda Brio Philippines, Redesign and Specs

Honda is preparing new sort of vehicles for the foreign market and many new updates are yet to come. There are no much details about new 2019 Honda Brio except intro about the new line up. There is a lot of expectations from both side, and engineers did their best to represent a new device of mini SUVs segment. The Japanese carmaker is proud to be counted in top ten moving companies with new Honda inverted technology. Equipment and updated infotainment system are highly rated and it has more reviews than in earlier ages.

With no certain details about the price, estimations are positive and it has nice expectations. We expect the data about the price is supposed to be similar to the previous model for the base trim level.

2019 Honda Brio

2019 Honda Brio engine

This version of 2019 Honda Brio will represent a new generation of SUVs with redesigned features. This model has inherited the same engine but with significantly updated features and strength. This means that there is a possibility to have a 1.2liter i-VTEC engine with 90 PS and 110 Nm as base round. There is new Thailand version of this engine and is going to have a stronger 1.3-liter i-VTEG engine with 100 hp and 130 NM.

Both of these engines are going to be paired with 5-speed manual gearbox. This model will not have the diesel version since the latest data confirmed final look of the motor. However, since the dimensions are larger, and the weight of the car will definitely affect performance, the towing capacity is higher.

No matter of trim level, we can claim that safety measures are open to the higher level and so as the performance effectivity.

2019 Honda Brio engine

2019 Honda Brio exterior

New arrivals have significantly changed redesign and so as the future new 2019 Honda Brio. The most eye catching details are in front view as the fascia and detail on it. Dimensions are bigger and the vehicle is taller and yet nicely packed. Proportions are correct on both sides which makes the total appearance classic and sporty.

The body of the car has made of steel and aluminum which will bring lighter performance and smooth drive. LED technology is part of the entire lineup, especially at front with a double row of lights and bigger centered grille. This model will have base black color and in combo with giant headlamps turns into the nice combination. The wheels are going to be larger than it had predecessor with a bigger ground clearance which is good for heavy terrains.

2019 Honda Brio rear

2019 Honda Brio interior

Interior of new 2019 Honda Brio is spacious and comfortable. With two rows of seats, the car has a cozy feeling for driver and passengers. The new Brio will have leather details in combination with chrome accents and LED technology. Black glass can be part of the trim level and it doesn’t it’s up to client wish.

Having new organization inside, the great dashboard will have a better layout with numerous detail. LCD screen will have base options considering safety measures and music sound system. Upon the wheel one USB port will come as a addition and some higher trim level will have one more in a different place. There will be enough place for legroom and driver seat has a better position which appears to be more useful in the everyday drive.

2019 Honda Brio price

This upcoming model has many to offer and many advantages familiar in front. This model is an updated version of the predecessor, but many experts say that has many resemblances with Honda BR-V. There will be more detail after final launching in late 2019. The estimated price for this vehicle may have a base price of $8,500 in Indian market value. Since the Japanese carmaker has stations in India, this info is not official yet.

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