2019 Honda Amaze Interior, Specs, Automatic

The 2019 Honda Amaze is going to fix all lacks current version is showing. Although the new generation of the sedan just started, we already have first recalls. Although results from market show that selling is going up, recalls because of the steering issues could slow it down. Nevertheless, Honda will solve it as soon as possible and 2019 Amaze is not going to show such defects.

This is a familiar vehicle since it is using the same platform as the Brio hatchback. We know differences between these two classes of cars. Most of the interior is pretty similar, with the same level of equipment and trim levels. However, the new 2019 Honda Amaze could add more features and launch additional version. Also, for the upcoming season, there won’t be big modifications comparing to the current model.

2019 Honda Amaze front

2019 Honda Amaze Specs

Although most customers opt for the diesel, the Amaze sedan comes with a petrol engine as well. It is a 1.2-liter i-VTEC four-cylinder unit. The powertrain can deliver 90 hp. Honda tuned this engine to boost its efficiency. Thanks to the new low-friction system, the 2019 Honda Amaze will be able to go over 20 km/l. This drivetrain is paired with a manual transmission. The automatic gearbox is available only with a diesel engine.

Honda Amaze Diesel

The 2019 Honda Amaze will also offer a diesel drivetrain. This model is one of the best-selling Honda products in India. So, there is no reason to change too much. The second generation of the sedan is using a 1.5-liter i-DTEC that is big fuel-saver. With consumption of just 28 km/l, it is obvious why to Amaze is ranked so high in its class. The diesel unit is more powerful than its gasoline sibling, and it also delivers more torque. Finally, buyers of Amaze with this engine will be able to pick it with a five-speed automatic transmission.

2019 Honda Amaze rear

2019 Honda Amaze Safety

The most changes in the second year of the new generation of the sedan will come in safety segment. Honda is always improving its systems. So, the 2019 Honda Amaze will present some of the latest innovations. However, expect it to keep ABS and ABD systems, as well as immobilizer feature. Rear camera and sensors will make parking easier in 2019. Dual airbags are standard in all trim levels.


In the first months of the second generation over 7,000 units were recalled. The reason is heavy steering and blinking of the EPS indicator. The Japanese company sees this as prevention. Replacement of these systems is free of charge and new features will be installed in 2019 Honda Amaze.

2019 Honda Amaze interior

2019 Honda Amaze Trim Levels

We already know that the new 2019 Honda Amaze will have the same trim levels as its predecessor. At this point, the sedan will come with E badge for the entry-level. Next trim is S. It adds LED turn indicators and shark fin antenna. Interior is different thanks to the special package of equipment. If you want fog lights, mudguards, or paddle shifters, you will need to purchase 2019 Amaze with V grade. For now, VX is top of the range sedan. Voice commands, cruise controls, rear camera, and navigation are just some of the features we can find here.

The new special trim level could be a refresh for the next season. The premium model is going to be top of the class vehicle and the most expensive version of the 2019 Honda Amaze


The upcoming edition is not going to change the price. More than 90 percent of sold vehicles are delivered to India. There, the 2019 Honda Amaze will cost between 5.6 and 9 lakhs. Converted to US dollars, that is from $8,000 and up to $13,000.

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