2018 Honda TRX90X

The 2018 Honda TRX90X is the smallest ATV model in the TRX lineup. This vehicle is a perfect alternative to video games and social media. The reality has a strong supporter in Honda. This quad can show the kids the meaning of adventure. Also, this entry-level machine has a limited power, which is enough for rookies, which will move on TRX250X after some while. However, by then, Honda TRX90X remains the perfect choice for learning skills on ATV. What makes this vehicle better than others? It is reliable, at first place. Also, when you get bored with it, you will easily jump on the bigger vehicles.

2018 Honda TRX90X ride

2018 Honda TRX90X engine

The 2018 Honda TRX90X is getting the power from an air-cooled 86 cc engine. A 15 mm carburetor is used for ignition, and bore and stroke are square at 47×49.5 mm. The electric starter is a standard feature. Furthermore, transmission box is a 4-speed auto, with the O-ring driveline. Furthermore, independent suspension is on the front and single shock is on the back. Handling and braking for new Honda TRX90X are getting improvements, while overall impression raises in every curve.

2018 Honda TRX90X

2018 Honda TRX90X redesign

The entry-level bike for TRX lineup is coming with the 20-inch front wheel and 19-inch rear tire. Overall length is just under 59 inches. What is more important, ground clearance of 4 inches leaves enough space for an off-road drive. The seating position provides excellent visibility, and overall weight of the ATV is 262 pounds. This mass includes all liquids and a full tank. All buyers will be able to choose between olive and red color combinations.

2018 Honda TRX90X rear

2018 Honda TRX90X price and impressions

The 2018 Honda TRX90X is for 10 years old children and older. So, that means it is perfect for riders that step into ATV world of adventures. And with this machine adrenaline boost is certain. However, this joy has its price. The ATV costs $3,100. Besides colors, buyers won’t be able to choose other options. Well, this is a downside of the 2018 TRX90X, as well as its predecessors.

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