2018 Honda TRX250X

The 2018 Honda TRX250X is the versatile all-terrain vehicle that will bring a lot of fun to all riders. No matter if you are young or old, novice or with experience, short or tall. This ATV is suitable for all users and for all kind of terrains. It will bring a lot of fun, especially off the road. Nevertheless, it also performs well in normal conditions, but then we lack the fun. Excellent balance, light steering, and cornering are making this vehicle very popular. Now, with a new edition, Honda will try to improve the model for recent years.

2018 Honda TRX250X

2018 Honda TRX250X dimensions

The 2018 Honda TRX250X is a mid-range model in its ATV lineup. Buyers can opt for bigger TRX vehicles. These are 400X and 450X. The smaller one is 90X, also from TRX lineup. Dimensions of the 250X are suitable for these who leave entry-level class, but they are not ready for big ATVs. Length of the new Honda TRX250X is 68.5 inches. From this number, there are 44 inches of wheelbase. The vehicle is almost 42 inches wide and high. The saddle is set at 31.4 inches, and ground clearance is just under 6 inches.

2018 Honda TRX250X wheel

2018 Honda TRX250X features

We are always looking how to upgrade out ATV. This is a mid-range model, but we can personalize it to enjoy it. First of all, buyers will have to choose between two colors. Red is standard. However, optional yellow doesn’t cost extra. The vehicle is very light with a curb weight of just 384 pounds. It uses aluminum wheels for easier handling and better balance while cornering. SportClutch is another feature that riders just love. The electric starter will easy the startup. Nevertheless, the 2018 Honda TRX250X is not going to offer some extra upgrades to boost its appearance. Unfortunately, owners will have to pick up only the color.

2018 Honda TRX250X side

2018 Honda TRX250X specifications

The 2018 Honda TRX250X is using a 229 cc drivetrain. It is not big enough, so there wasn’t a need for a liquid cooling. The air-cooled unit uses a 20mm piston-valve carburetor for induction. Bore and stroke are set at 68.5 and 62.2 mm. Finally, direct rear drive shaft with five speed and reverse completes the drive system.

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