2018 Honda Shadow Phantom

The Phantom cruiser is one of three latest additions to Honda Shadow lineup. Ever since its release, it draws attention. Now, the 2018 Honda Shadow Phantom is on the way, with new features and options. It will use the same 750 cc engine with all characteristics of Shadow bikes. The highlight of this motorcycle is low seating position. After Shadow Phantom, Honda could come out with new Shadow Aero bike, which is not available since the 2016 year model.

2018 Honda Shadow Phantom rear

2018 Honda Shadow Phantom specs

The engine of the 2018 Honda Shadow Phantom is a 745 cc unit with the liquid cooling system. This drivetrain is very economical, with the fuel economy of 56 mpg combined. With a fuel tank of 3.7 gallons, the 2018 Shadow Phantom has a range around 200 miles. A V-twin engine combines electric starter, 79×76 mm bore and stroke, and 9.6:1 compression ratio. The manual transmission has 5 gears. Valve configuration is SOHC, and brakes are discs for front wheel and drum on the rear one.

2018 Honda Shadow Phantom engine

2018 Honda Shadow Phantom appearance

The seating position of the 2018 Honda Shadow Phantom is very low. Whoever loves cruising will like this bike because of its saddle. At 26 inches, drivers will have the impression as they almost touch the ground. The front wheel is 17 inches and rear 15-inch. The wheelbase of the 2018 Shadow Phantom is 65 inches long, and curb weight, with all liquids, is 550 pounds. We are still waiting for confirmation of color options. Buyers will be able to upgrade the bike with backrest tall, or many bags and extra carriers.

2018 Honda Shadow Phantom wheel

2018 Honda Shadow Phantom price and competition

The major rival for 2018 Honda Shadow Phantom will be Suzuki Boulevard S40. Also, Kawasaki and Harley-Davidson are there with few models. Nevertheless, Honda fans can find the alternative for Shadow Phantom in smaller, Rebel 500 bike. The 2018 Phantom will cost $7,800, which is even more than Harley’s Street model under 750 cc.

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