2018 Honda S660

After the main presentation in Japan, the 2018 Honda S660 went rapidly out of sale in this country. An eastern market was occupied with this small dimension model. Honda made a great success with launching new model but new upgraded features are giving us many surprises. Since this is a little midsection-engine roadster with retracting roof structure, we can expect futuristic design and smooth performance. Honda decided to make novelties for European and USA market, however, we cannot claim in which period is going to happen.

2018 Honda S660

2018 Honda S660 redesign

On the new 2018 Honda S660, we will see several interesting details. Color choice is larger and it is all about clients’ wish. Although smaller dimensions, we can notice a sporty look and very elegant appearance at the same time. Inner space has many places and also a cargo place at the back. LED technology is involved in the overall concept. The front part has some similarity with Honda Acura but just in some dimensions details. The dashboard is nice and has centered gaming system inside, also with many other programs installed, such as navigation.

2018 Honda S660 interior

2018 Honda S660 engine

The engine for new 2018 Honda S660 is going to be centered in a middle of the hood which will have enough space for performing with significant fuel reduce. Smaller by dimensions, the new motor of 2018 Honda S660 will be a turbocharged 6-liter 3-cylinder engine with 63hp and 78 pound-feet of torque. The small powertrain is in pair with several different speed guide transmission basically coming to this type of Honda. Although, roof construction giver some on weight, there was no any shows that is going to make a problem to the transmission itself.

2018 Honda S660 engine

2018 Honda S660 price

The Japanese market is always full of novelties and surprises, so the estimated price for this 2018 Honda S660 is $17,600. We can see the difference comparing to previous models. But, the fact is that Japanese technology is way ahead comparing to Europe and USA. Trim levels also depending on the price which will certainly go higher with every new update. After making new makeover and weight reduction, we can expect to raise the price up to $20,000, and closer to Honda Grace model.

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