2018 Honda S2000

New era of sport and exotic cars could start with 2018 Honda S2000. Sketches and pictures of this vehicle have been shown around the internet for a while, and now its concept is about to be developed and released as real vehicle. The S2000 will cause a lot of attention, from buyers, experts and competition. Revolutionary design is its highlight, but also performance shouldn’t be let underestimated.

2018 honda S2000

2018 Honda S2000 engines

There is no official information about 2018 Honda S2000, but we can predict company’s moves until some point. That means there are some leaked stories about hybrid powertrains. Nevertheless, new sport car will also have petrol unit under its hood, while diesel hasn’t been mentioned so far. We’ve heard that new engine is going to be built on the unit used by current Civic. It is 1.5-l drivetrain, although S2000 will probably get more power from turbocharged 2.0-l petrol engine. According to rumors, this unit can produce around 350 horses. Hybrid is going to improve additionally fuel economy and power, but numbers are still unknown since this vehicle is not in final stages of development.

2018 honda S2000 rear view

2018 Honda S2000 concept

Many changes and major redesign is expected from 2018 Honda S2000, although company hasn’t released official statement about it. Some design solutions will be solved by borrowing from its siblings, especially Acura branch and NSX model. Lot of lightweight aluminum and other solid materials are used for chassis and body parts. New S2000 is aerodynamic, which means better control, less fuel usage and many more things. As all other vehicles made by Japanese carmaker, this sport vehicle is getting latest infotainment features in the cabin, Also, rich details and premium upholstery boosts overall impression. One of the many company’s advantages and trademarks is its safety, which is again at top level.

2018 Honda S2000 price

Although release date is unknown, we guess that 2018 Honda S2000 will be valued around $70,000 if current information about parts and features don’t change a lot. Main rivals are ready to respond, with new models of Mazda MX 5 and Subaru BRZ are on the way.

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