2018 Honda S1000

One of most interesting cars in Honda lineup is S1000. It is not best-seller, but vehicle causes a lot of interest from buyers and fans of roadsters. This two-seater is present in its homeland Japan as S660. However, for other markets, Honda will launch it as 2018 Honda S1000. By that, American and European users get their version of sport roadster. Styling is attractive and performance is on top level, so new car could make bog impact. Some information leaked about it, so we can predict what to expect from S1000. Compact car does not produce high output numbers, but riding quality and styling are its advantages.

2018 Honda S1000

2018 Honda S1000 redesign

Although it is sibling of the S660, the 2018 Honda S1000 is getting unique parts and design. First of all, more aluminum is used for building. That means car is lighter, and predictions are saying 1900 lbs. Furthermore, less weight means positive effects on handling. Drivers can maneuver with S1000 easier. But, appearance will be revisited. Comparing to S660, new 2018 S1000 is wider, with sportier tires. Beside this, hood and roof are aggressive. Lights are using LED lamps. Interior gets latest tech features and gadgets. Although S1000 and S660 are sharing many similarities, US version will offer more systems. At first place, safety is raised to higher level.

2018 Honda S1000 side view

2018 Honda S1000 powertrain

The 2018 Honda S1000 is not big performer. But, tiny roadster offers excellent driving and economical fuel consumption. When we take a look at its sibling, S660, its output of 65 hp can’t satisfy needs of US buyers. Because of that, larger engine is prepared. A 1.0-l I-4 drivetrain can deliver 140 hp. Furthermore, S1000 will offer excellent fuel economy. Well, estimated rating was not announced yet, but we are sure it is going to be advantage. Transmission is automatic or manual, at buyer’s choice.

2018 Honda S1000 engine

2018 Honda S1000 release date and price

The 2018 Honda S1000 is coming next year. Also, there could be some variations of small roadster. However, few months of delay are possible for updates. Experts predict price tag of $25,000 for base model. Alfa Romeo 4C is a main rival of S1000.

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