2018 Honda Rincon 680

The 2018 Honda Rincon 680 is the biggest ATV in the lineup. Its smaller siblings, Foreman and Rubicon, can perform well, but that’s nothing when you compare them to Rincon. It is the same as with all other cars or bikes. If there is a vehicle that can offer more safety, power, and equipment, it is logical that we will want it one day. Nevertheless, the downside is these top-range models are always the most expensive. So, the 2018 Rincon 680 will be above the entire lineup with its cost.

2018 Honda Rincon 680

2018 Honda Rincon 680 details

The biggest model in the ATV recreation/utility class will lead the segment with its innovations. Specific suspension and unique brakes will improve the overall safety. Once boosted, it makes an overall impression a lot better. Also, we would like to mention the durability of this vehicle. With steel racks on both sides, the 2018 Honda Rincon 680 will offer longer life. Bodywork and long-travel suspension are few more things that buyers can’t find elsewhere. With so many unique details, it is clear why the Rincon is so popular.


2018 Honda Rincon 680 specs

The 2018 Honda Rincon 680 uses a 675 cc engine as its power source. The unit is a 4-stroke single-cylinder OHV unit with liquid cooling. Electric starter features auxiliary recoil. Also, the Rincon will offer electronic PGM-FI. Automatic three-speed gearbox transfers the power. Also, the torque is being converted hydraulically. Huge hydraulic discs are on both 12-inch wheels. Front wheels are dual, with 25×8 tires. The capacity of the fuel tank is 4.4 gallons, and the reserve is set at 1.2 gallons.

2018 Honda Rincon 680 phantom camo

2018 Honda Rincon 680 options and price

The 2018 Honda Rincon 680 is coming in red color by default. Buyers can purchase the ATV in Phantom Camo paint job. However, the color upgrade costs $450. In a red variant, the 2018 Rincon 680 costs $9,400. The vehicle can get a windshield or rack bags as extras.

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