2018 Honda Prelude

The new 2018 Honda Prelude is once more, new refreshed product of Japanese car maker which have strong reputation and stability. Prelude is model who came up as a mix of predecessors with more updates than previous. There was no upgraded model in the past fifteen years and so the designers are decided to offer something special and unique at the same time. Concept itself is better organized with powered engine and design specs which are also novelty. This is going to be a quite surprise for Honda lovers since the new babe is in progress.

2018 Honda Prelude

2018 Honda Prelude changes

Exterior of new 2018 Honda Prelude is going to get refresh, consisting new materials and colors. Considering shape and body, combination of carbon materials with aluminum and steel will give lighter feel for ride. With curvy lines and redesigned bumper and grill, vehicle is going to have sporty look which is available in several color solutions. Also there will be present 18-inch alloy wheels with sport tires and brakes. The main point of interior redesign is comfortable ride and pleasure. Seat bench will be upgraded with safety belts and also slippery roof  and LED lightning technology. For drivers in Japan the most important thing is having a good time in their car, so the interior covers genuine leather which is also available in several color design.

2018 Honda Prelude dashboard

2018 Honda Prelude specs

The main solution for new 2018 Honda Prelude will have two types of engine. First is going to be 2.0LV-TEC engine, gaining 250 hp and 270 lb-ft of torque with help form turbocharger. That one pairs with 6-speed manual transmission. The second solution according to tests will be possible 3.5-l V-6 with 320 hp and 300 lb-ft of torque. This unit forwards power through 6 or 8-speed auto system. There is also a rumor that combo will be available in new dimensions but still concept of engine be regular.

2018 Honda Prelude side

2018 Honda Prelude  price

Many fans and critics says that date is still a secret, but possibly is that Honda family is waiting the right time to strike. There is a million assumes but still we can say comparing to last time, during the 2017 will be release a small presentation will teaser video and tests results. Final availability is expecting by the end of 2018. Base price will be $34,000 and for models with more features price will be higher.

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