2018 Honda Pioneer 700

If you are working on inaccessible terrains, or you go to such terrain on weekends for fun, we have great news for you, and they are called 2018 Honda Pioneer 700. This utility-terrain vehicle raised the scale when we are talking about the performance. It is superb on the heavy, rocky and muddy terrain. This time, Honda introduced a new twin-cylinder engine under the hood. Also, Pioneer 700 is the first terrain vehicle that fully uses automatic mechanical transmission. As a result, smooth gear changes and reliable power transfer are sure. Of course, this Honda also has the option of manual gear changes, with standard and sports options. However, the rider can choose whether to use the drive on two or all four wheels.

2018 Honda Pioneer 700

2018 Honda Pioneer 700 features

The 2018 Honda Pioneer 700 comes with front / rear independent double-wishbone suspension. The fuel tank is pretty generous. The Pioneer 700 will have several different versions, from one for three drivers. It is also possible to see a vehicle for 5 persons in 2018 with Pioneer 1000. However, its smaller sibling is not going so far. This side-by-side model will be available in red and olive color. Also, buyers will be able to purchase it in Deluxe version, which, of course, is more expensive. On the other hand, it also brings some premium features.

2018 Honda Pioneer 700 dashboard

2018 Honda Pioneer 700 specs

This UTV is using a 675 cc engine and automatic transmission. With it, an UTV will fulfill expectations from this kind of vehicle. Its acceleration is not great in tough terrains. But, every rider knows it is not realistic to see from a side-by-side machine. Crank- and driveshafts are in the line. This, with the longitudinal mount of the engine, is preserving the weight loss. Higher trims, such as Deluxe, will have a manual gearbox. The 2018 Pioneer 700-4 is not confirmed yet, but we are sure it will come for next season.

2018 Honda Pioneer 700 rear

2018 Honda Pioneer 700 prices

The base model of the UTV costs $10,600. On the other hand, we can get a lot more from a 2018 Honda Pioneer 700 Deluxe. But, it is also more expensive. Top of the class vehicle will cost $1,500 more. The 700-4 model will be somewhere between.

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