2018 Honda PCX150

Honda designers paid a revisit to PCX150 so it is ready to pose the most prestigious areas. The first version of the PCX scooter came in 2009. Now, the lineup, besides PCX125 and PCX150 will get PCX Electric and PCX Hybrid versions. This is a revolution in moto industry. We can guess that 2018 season will belong to new models. However, the 2018 Honda PCX150 will also get some new parts, since this is a scooter that will be the first hybrid ever among motorcycles. In just few years, this vehicle won a large number of fans around the world. It also became one of the best-selling scooters in its class. The conclusion is – it would be shame if Honda decides to drop it out of the lineup.

2018 Honda PCX150

2018 Honda PCX150 changes

Differences in relation to the previous version are noticeable at first glance. The 2018 Honda PCX150 brings mostly aesthetic changes to the scooter world. It is possible to see the visual connection with the first model. Honda does not give up from its vintage look. But, now everything is much more modern, with clean, simple lines and several sophisticated details. Mainly because of this successful mix of retro and modern look, the PCX150 has so many fans. The scooter is still very low, which contributes to its compact appearance. Also, the subjective feeling is that sitting position is much lower than it really is.

2018 Honda PCX150 headlights

2018 Honda PCX150 engine

The 2018 Honda PCX150 has the same 153 cc engine. This is not a surprise. Why change something that works great? Slim electronic settings brought a slight increase in engine power. Furthermore, a reduction in fuel consumption is a bonus. Honda declares a fuel economy of just 2.1 liters per 100 kilometers. However, this is in perfect circumstances. Also, engine vibration has been significantly reduced. The response to the gas handle command is somewhat faster.

2018 Honda PCX150 dashboard

2018 Honda PCX150 price and verdict

The 2018 Honda PCX150 is a scooter which every rider will enjoy. Thanks to its low center of gravity, low mass, and good engines, driving in the city is a really fun. It is very easy to drive between vehicles, without the driver having to make any sudden movements. This makes the new Honda PCX150 very suitable for beginners and ladies. Its price starts from $3,600. Also, in 2018, we will have two color options for PCX150 scooter.

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