2018 Honda NM4

Is the new, unique 2018 Honda NM4 the future or just a crazy attempt from young Japanese designers? Combined with black and matte gray, it looks like a stealth aircraft.  The new NM4 could look like a transporting bike, or a two-wheeler of some futuristic hero from comics, books or movies. All in all, if you would you like to be special, this motorcycle is the right choice. The seat is exceptionally low, only 26 inches from the ground. In a forward facing position, the driver feels like on Harley. However, with regard to innovation and design, this motorcycle is in front of its American idol.

2018 Honda NM4

2018 Honda NM4 engine

Below the chassis is a normal unit. The futuristic bike uses a power from a modern, 745cc liquid-cooled twin engine. The power is the same as before. With 54 hp, the 2018 Honda NM4 offers a better delivery for low rpm. It’s enough to run at 110 mph. The NM4 features a dual clutch auto gearbox, which allows manual transmission. It has two speeds, but in manual mode, it converts to the six-speed gearbox. This is all possible thanks to the simple switch on the left-hand lever.

2018 Honda NM4 windshield

2018 Honda NM4 details

The digital instrument panel can change the color. It depends on which mode rider chooses. The result is a pleasant and comfortable ride, with uncompromising vibrations of the engine. Cruising at 70 mph is a real pleasure, and the maximum power is already at 6200 rpm. The bike is impressively economical and runs 70 mpg combined. Driving quality, thanks to its low center of gravity, are more than good. The weight of the 2018 Honda NM4 is only 540 pounds with the full fuel tank and all liquids.

2018 Honda NM4 dashboard

2018 Honda NM4 improvements

Although the 2018 Honda NM4 is a pretty fascinating bike with its exterior, it is not so functional. There is no clutch lever that would greatly simplify maneuvering at lower speeds or parking. The front and rear brakes are not fascinating. Even the ABS did not change the opinion in the previous edition. Certainly, one more front disc brake would be great for a faster and more aggressive run. The cargo area is limited and covers only two front compartment boxes. The rear seat can be raised, revealing a tiny tank for a few small things, but not a helmet.

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