2018 Honda Metropolitan

We might consider Honda as a leader in MotoGP championship, where they are champions. Also, dirt tracks and the off-road segment is under the Japanese factory’s supremacy. But, when we talk about scooters, probably the Vespa comes to our minds. However, even it is less known, Honda also produces this kind of bikes. Forza and Silver Wing belongs to big scooters. But, smaller machines for an everyday ride in urban areas need compactness. That is exactly what 2018 Honda Metropolitan offers. This model is a serious competitor to Piaggio’s product. The 2018 Metropolitan will also have a support in this class when the new Ruckus comes out.

2018 Honda Metropolitan

2018 Honda Metropolitan engine

For city streets and tight areas, the rider will not need a fast vehicle. Enough power for a quick start and good handling are two most important things for scooters. The 2018 Honda Metropolitan will get that from 55 cc 4-stroke powertrain. The company also installs a Programmed Fuel Injection. This system will create enough response to throttle while making a fuel economy much better. The power created in an engine goes through automatic V-Matic transmission box. Both wheels are coming with a 10-inch diameter and drum brakes. The front telescopic suspension has a travel of 2.7-inches, while the rear, shock suspension offers 0.4-inch less travel.

2018 Honda Metropolitan dashboard

2018 Honda Metropolitan design

The scooters are the most beloved motorcycles for city cruising. Light, maneuverable, economical, and pretty, they will make any rider want it. The 2018 Honda Metropolitan is standing out with its design. First of all, it is available in three colors – red, pearl white, and pearl blue. With a classic look for a scooter, the new Honda Metropolitan can get upgrades with a rear carrier or a rear trunk. However, there is a waterproof storage under the seat. With a volume of 22-liters, it has space for a helmet and few other things. Of course, it comes with a lock.

2018 Honda Metropolitan storage

2018 Honda Metropolitan price

For $2,500 we can buy many things. But, what will be so useful as 2018 Honda Metropolitan? You can use it for quick transfer from point A to point B. Also, there is a room for few thingies to drive to another place. Finally, you won’t be bothered with parking.

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