2018 Honda Insight

New 2018 Honda Insight is going to be a new refreshment to the European market. Although, not so much popular in the USA, as time is passing by, is more available. With redesigned features, new futuristic design and improved performance, new series are more attractive to the younger audience. Honda will offer many adjustments to all new arrivals and upcoming vehicles. This sedan is going to be presented in next months and designing new upgraded model is already in process.

2018 Honda Insight

2018 Honda Insight engine

Honda is making a wide choice of the possibility of engine solutions. There is also a possibility of having a hybrid engine with stronger performance and upgraded features. New 2018 Honda Insight will probably offer a 1.5 i4 engine which gives a stronger performance. With no secure data, we can’t claim numbers for sure. After final tests on the open highway and inner city driving mode, we will have new clear info about engine correct specs. Although, the new structure of the engine and environmental-friendly nature will surely meet demands of the market. This is especially certain with a hybrid model, that will also come in 2018.

2018 Honda Insight hybrid

2018 Honda Insight redesign

New 2018 Honda Insight is going to be a classical vehicle with sporty features regarding its familiar appearance. Nice concept, with the new shape of grille and front lights, will make real to fall in love with. Spacious inner space with genuine materials in it makes the real comfortable ride. With a spacious cabin and nice equipped dashboard, it seems to be a total redesign from top to bottom. New 16-inch wheels and LED technology make a real high-quality concept. With larger shape and decoration, new appearance is more than eye-catching.

2018 Honda Insight side

2018 Honda Insight price and release date

This car may come in the second half of 2017 with teaser data or presentation. Maybe appears later, and this car will be presented in early 2018. This model will cost around between $20,000 to the $30,000 or more for a different model. For some, the price is affordable and it can be available for many clients since the main target is families with everyday chores. We are still waiting for final presentation with many other familiar data. This is another addition to the 2018 year lineup, after Honda Grace.

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