2018 Honda Gold Wing

The 2018 Honda Gold Wing is out on the market for all the fans and riders that are seeing it in previous 40 years. The bike could be the brand for itself. You will find many enthusiasts that know about the Gold Wing, but not sure which company is making these bikes. However, the cruiser is one of the best solutions for two-wheel long trips. Every new edition adds something new, and so it is with 2018 Gold Wing. Only possible weakness is its huge chair in the back. Although comfortable, we can only imagine how this bike would perform without this extra stuff.

2018 Honda Gold Wing

2018 Honda Gold Wing changes

The cruiser started to show aging. Its features are not modern as we are expecting from a luxury tourer. For example, every fan of the bike would like to see a help from different modes of the ride. Also, traction control would be useful, as well and Bluetooth connection. Of course, navigation is must for these kinds of motorcycles. The 2018 Honda Gold Wing is about to change that. Now, for the new edition, the Japanese carmaker prepared even Apple CarPlay feature.

2018 Honda Gold Wing storage

2018 Honda Gold Wing specs

The main problem for engineers was how to pair 7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission with a perfect engine. Also, the redesign was the only option to make this model attractive again. The engine is an 1833 cc six-cylinder unit. Of course, liquid cooling is the only solution for such huge powertrain. Other standard features are programmed fuel injection and transistored ignition. The 2018 Honda Gold Wing is available in 5 different versions. Besides standard model, we can find it with automatic DCT. There is also a Tour trim with standard and automatic transmission, as well as airbag automatic DCT model.

2018 Honda Gold Wing dashboard

2018 Honda Gold Wing pricing

The 2018 Honda Gold Wing costs as some car. But, if you are a lover of two-wheel machines, then it won’t be a problem to pay $23,500 for this cruiser. Automatic DCT model adds $1,200 to this price. Top of the class model is 2018 Gold Wing Tour Airbag Automatic DCT. Its price without extras is $31,500.

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