2018 Honda CRF250X

The brand new 2018 Honda CRF250X has been presented a few months ago. However, the bike is not for sale yet. Fans can’t wait to test new powertrain and the entire drive system. We will see brand-new chassis, suspension… The major change is coming with a new engine. It is not using Unicorn platform. Instead, we will get a DOHC system, which provides smoother ride and durability. Furthermore, the revisit will bring dual exhaust tips. The CRF250X is now coming with modern features and equipment, such as electric starter, which replaces the outdated kickstarter. With such equipment, the bike will be a competitor in the market, and rivals will have to take it very seriously.

2018 Honda CRF250X

2018 Honda CRF250X specs

As we already mentioned, the DOHC system is new. Not only that but also the technology is there for Honda racing bikes, especially a MotoGP championship. The mount of the cams over rocker arms will improve the balance. It is especially important for power delivery. We can also say that more titanium is in the body, including exhaust valves and intakes. We will see also an electric starter. This feature is somehow magical in combination with a lithium-iron-phosphate battery. Honda uses the same batteries on HRC racebikes. The 2018 Honda CRF250X also presents the new Showa spring fork.

2018 Honda CRF250X rear

2018 Honda CRF250X styling

The 2018 Honda CRF250X comes with a design similar to the CRF450R. Its bigger sibling suffered a big redesign last year. However, many updates are coming now for Honda CRF250X. That means we are waiting for new bodywork that brings all-new frame and forks. As well as for engine room, titanium is main material used for building the fuel tank.

2018 Honda CRF250X

2018 Honda CRF250X expectations

The 2018 Honda CRF250X is going to be the ultimate off-road bike. The last edition received many critics because of its power-to-weight ratio. Buyers had complained about extra 10 pounds. Also, 23 hp is not enough for some riders, so the new version of Honda CRF250X will be there to satisfy all needs. At this moment, pricing is still not available.

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