2018 Honda CRF150F

Although we are still waiting for confirmation of the 2018 Honda CRF150F, we can already guess what to expect. The bike perfectly suits younger and smaller riders without too much experience. The ride quality is at the top level. The quality of parts promises a lot of off-road adventures. Even when things go differently than expected, the maintenance is affordable, and parts are easy to repair, even for novices. Finally, Honda CRF150F is not on the top bike when we talk about power. However, the amount of energy is excellent to the level of experience for riders of such motorcycles.

2018 Honda CRF150F

2018 Honda CRF150F vs CRF150R

Although two bikes carry almost the same name, don’t think you will see only minor details as differences. First of all, the R version is using a liquid cooling system. On the other hand, a 149 cc unit on 2018 Honda CRF150F is coming with air coolers.  Square bore and stroke are completely different than CRF150R are offering. Furthermore, we can find different solutions for brakes, suspensions, and final drive. Even the size is not the same, as well as fuel gallon capacity and overall weight. Two same things are present on both bikes. The engine volume is 149 cc, and the seat height is set at 32.8 inches.

2018 Honda CRF150F side

2018 Honda CRF150F specs

So, we already know that 2018 Honda CRF150F will get the power from air-cooled 149 cc mill. Also, a five-speed transmission and piston carburetor are parts of the drive system. Front tire is 3 inches larger than the rear one. The 19/16 inch wheels are definitely a great choice for off-road rides. Also, handling and maneuvering are better than on the 2017 year model.

2018 Honda CRF150F drive

2018 Honda CRF150F release and price

Soon we will have a confirmation of 2018 Honda CRF150F. The motorcycle then expects the launch. It is scheduled for first months of 2018. We can see it again around $3,800 and in red color only. The workstand is the only available accessory for the Honda CRF150F. It will boost the order to around $125.

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