2018 Honda CBR600RR

Back in 2003, Honda introduced the race-oriented CBR600RR bike based on the CBR650F model. These two are pretty similar, but also way different. After all these years, the racing machine shows a lot more than expected. It is winning major championships, sets records, and becomes more and more popular. Now we will see 2018 Honda CBR600RR. It will be also street-legal, so riders that are looking for extra power and speed will find this motorcycle as an extra dose of adrenalin.

2018 Honda CBR600RR

2018 Honda CBR600RR vs CBR650F

The 2018 Honda CBR600RR still finds its ideas on its sibling. These two bikes are the closest brothers, although there are many differences. First of all, two bikes belong to different classes of two-wheelers and have opposing purposes. While the 650F is a sportbike, the 2018 Honda CBR600RR takes the spot in the super-sport segment. So, it is obvious its main territory is track. Furthermore, the position of a saddle and a rider are totally different. You will feel relaxed while cruising on CBR650F. On the other hand, Honda CBR600RR needs more aggressive attitude. Finally, with the super-sport bike, although it comes with the smaller drivetrain, we will get more power. And of course, the CBR600RR costs $4,000 more than its sibling.

2018 Honda CBR600RR exhaust

2018 Honda CBR600RR specs

The 2018 Honda CBR600RR is using a liquid-cooled 599 cc engine, which is capable to deliver over 100 horses. Its sibling can’t produce more than 70 hp. Also, it is a 4-cylinder powertrain that comes with dual stage fuel injection. Digital ignition is unique, with the 3D mapping feature. A 6-speed gearbox is a transmission. Other parts of the drivetrain system are special electronic steering damper and Pro-Link suspension, as well as HMAS fork.

2018 Honda CBR600RR front

2018 Honda CBR600RR prices

There are two versions of 2018 Honda CBR600RR available for purchase. The base model comes with a price tag of $11,800 and Grand Prix Red color. The CBR600RR ABS version adds unique brakes. It uses the same paint job but costs $1,000 because of the electronic ABS addition.

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