2018 Honda CB500X      

The 2018 Honda CB500X is the third bike in a CB500 series, after R and F models. However, the X one is the most serious of all. The concept is based on the crosstourer and crossrunner models. The Honda CB500X caught interest from a lot of customers worldwide. Its price and low maintenance costs are just a few of many advantages of this motorcycle. With its dimensions and appearance, CB500X appears more suitable for adult persons, than for novices.

2018 Honda CB500X ride

2018 Honda CB500X design

Thanks to the raised controller, riders have to sit more upright. Also, the saddle is 1 inch higher than on the other two models in CB series. The vertical seating position is very comfortable, even for drivers over 180 cm. For 2018 Honda CB500X a new setup for suspension, as well as a new seat, offer significantly more comfort. Comparing to its siblings, this adventure version uses a 20 mm higher stroke. In general, all modifications and differences in relation to the other two models have been carried out to improve comfort and riding quality, especially for long trips. The wind protection is very good for a straight ride and adapted to speed limits.

2018 Honda CB500X

2018 Honda CB500X specs

The parallel-twin engine works great as always. It is silent, sleek, calm, linear, but still energetic. The 2018 Honda CB500X has declared top speed of 110 mph. Although at that moment the gauge indicates 9000 rpm, the twin unit keeps vibrations within the negligible. The brakes are fully customized to younger customers. These are efficient, precise, and easy to use. The fuel tank can take 4.6 gallons, which is again more than the other two CB versions. With consumption that goes around 55 mpg on the main road, the bike can reach almost 250 miles without refueling.

2018 Honda CB500X concept

2018 Honda CB500X price and expectations

Buyers that plan to purchase a new edition of 2018 Honda CB500X hope for the same price as before. Previously, a 2017 year model costs $6,600. This one and CB500R are more expensive than Honda CB500F model. However, as we said, the 2018 CB500X bike will add more adrenalin to the overall impression. Also, the ride is more balanced and we are sure most customers will pick X over F and R models.

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