2018 Honda CB500F

The only condition to drive the 2018 Honda CB500F is to be older than 18 years. In the last couple of years, once the unmistakable 500 cc engine in MotoGP, fallen into oblivion. Did Honda accidentally return this volume? We don’t think anyone can believe it. They built engines that can drive those with the A2 driver category. This makes the 2018 CB500F a right machine for adult beginners. Although engine and frame are shared with the other two members of CB500 lineup, the F bike has a specific character. Unique driving position and design adequate to the needs and expectations of riders are making it special.

2018 Honda CB500F

2018 Honda CB500F drivetrain

The powertrain of 2018 Honda CB500F, as well as the other two motorcycles of CB lineup, is a four-stroke two-cylinder 471 cc unit. It delivers 35 kW or slightly less than 47 horsepower. Furthermore, the max torque of 43 Nm is at 7000 rpm. What exactly does it bring in ride? Enough, but not too much power, so it is perfect for youth. The gear is a bit harder and brakes are good enough for such amount of power. The new Honda CB500F also has an ABS system as an optional feature, and we strongly recommend anyone to pay extra for these.

2018 Honda CB500F dashboard

2018 Honda CB500F expectations and impressions

The seat holds a very well position. So, because of the low saddle, it can be attractive to the female riders. The urban conditions feel like home for 2018 Honda CB500F. It is narrow enough to avoid traffic jams and go through tight areas. Outside the city, Honda CB500F is also a great performer. It’s not too fast, but motorcycle runs through intercity routes with ease. The most importantly, a rider is not getting tired so fast. Fuel consumption for new CB500F will be around 78 mpg, according to by the company. But, in real-life conditions, we expect it to deliver between 40 and 45 mpg.

2018 Honda CB500F rear

2018 Honda CB500F price

We already mentioned that there are three motorcycles in the CB lineup of the Japanese manufacturer. The 2018 CB500F is the base, naked one. Its price is $500 less expensive than from its other siblings. Both CB500X and CBR500R will cost $6,600. So, it makes the price of 2018 Honda CB500F $6,100.

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