2018 Honda CB1100 RS       

The Japanese motorcycle giant announced the new retro bike. Fans that are up to date with news from this industry will remember the concept of the CB1100F. The platform we saw a few years ago is now coming as a 2018 Honda CB1100 RS. There is another CB1100 version, the EX, which hasn’t impressed us so much, as RS sibling did. The highlight is on the old school look with retro gauges and indicators. Nevertheless, the bike is also an excellent performer with its 1140 cc powertrain.

2018 Honda CB1100 RS

2018 Honda CB1100 RS specs

The oil-cooled mill is ready to produce 66 kW or 88 horsepower. Additionally, it can offer 91 Nm or 49 lb-ft of torque. Of course, Honda is using a programmed fuel injection feature on all their new bikes. The 2018 Honda CB1100 RS is not an exception. The electric starter is a standard feature, the chain final drive ends at the 6-speed transmission. Bore and stroke are at 73.5 and 67.2. For both suspensions, the Japanese manufacturer chooses Showa as a partner. This company made fully adjustable suspension for Honda CB1100 RS.

2018 Honda CB1100 RS

2018 Honda CB1100 RS appearance

The 2018 Honda CB1100 RS will impress with its retro look. LED lights on both ends are modernizing the bike. But, the old school dual dials will make it cool. In short, we can describe the 2018 CB1100 RS as a racer from the past that can also run the streets. The sound will remind everyone of bikes from 70’s. But when you take a look what is making that noise, you will realize this is a modern motorcycle. Versatile and stylish, it shows-off with 17-inch 10-spoke diecast aluminum wheels. Overall weight is 555 pounds. The seating position is 31 inches from the ground. It provides excellent visibility, while also improving safety.

2018 Honda CB1100 RS dial

2018 Honda CB1100 RS price

The 2018 Honda CB1100 RS costs $15,000. Its sibling CB1100 EX is slightly less expensive, but it also doesn’t offer some specific features. However, we pick the RS model as the better one and worth around $1,000 more than the EX. A similar alternative would be a CB1000R bike.

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