2018 Honda Baby NSX

Although 2018 Honda Baby NSX name sounds pretty funny, it is pretty much for sure that company works on new model, which will be another sports car from this brand, but in lower class. We saw recently a big comeback of NSX. We are all excited that Honda finally has a true supercar in its lineup, once again. New model made a fantastic debut and it had excellent accept both from experts and crowd. New model which is coming will come with similar styling cues, but it will be smaller, both in size and engine displacement. It is expected to came somewhere in 2018.

2018 Honda Baby NSX details

2018 Honda Baby NSX

The 2018 Honda Baby NSX will come as all new model. It will be in the lower class than “real” NSX. According to some experts, this model is expected to be a spiritual successor of legendary S2000. However, the latest drawings says that this new model will rather come in coupe than roadster body style. Also, 2018 Baby NSX is expected to have a price somewhere between 40.000 and 65.000 dollars. This means that it will compete with models like Porsche Cayman and Alfa Rome 4C, unlike S2000 which has closest rivalry with Mazda RX8. This indicate that 2018 Honda Baby NSX is probably leaving room for another, entry-level model of Honda, which will compete with models like Mazda MX-5 Miata and Toyota/Scion GT86/FR-S.

2018 Honda Baby NSX under the hood

The 2018 Honda Baby NSX will probably come with same design as “big” NSX when it is about powertrain. Just in smaller pack. New model will also come in hybrid configuration. Originally, it was supposed new model to come with 2.0 liter engine. According to the latest reports, 2018 Honda Baby NSX will come with even smaller engine. It will be a company’s new 1.5 liter turbo engine, same as on new Civic. This engine will come paired with some electric motor(s), and total configuration is expected to have max output of around 300 horsepower.

2018 Honda Baby NSX release date and price

The 2018 Honda Baby NSX is expected to come probably somewhere in 2018. It will have price somewhere in a range between 40.000 and 65.000 dollars.

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