2018 Honda B model

Honda is one of the carmakers that brings innovations and excitement into market. Company is present in all classes as a leader. However, maintaining the reputation is not easy job. Every year, competition is growing, so you must follow the pace and modern trends. Because of this, they decided to head into new season with new vehicle. The 2018 Honda B model is coming as brand new vehicle. This sedan was presented at Beijing car show in 2014. Now, it seems like the time was come for release. Car is going to be available in hybrid version. Nevertheless, this will be additional option for all fans interested in this model.

2018 Honda B model front view

2018 Honda B model engine

Under the hood of the 2018 Honda B model will be new drivetrain. Company developed 3-cylinder engine for upcoming season. This 1.0-l unit can develop at least 150 horsepower. Some rumors are saying about 200 hp. Meanwhile, expected torque level won’t be under 130 lb-ft. Transmission system is CVT. Standard gearbox is less likely. Hybrid B model is expected as hybrid. By that, standard petrol unit will have support from electric batteries. We still need information about capacity of these motors, and their specification.

2018 Honda B model interior

2018 Honda B model design

We talked about constant implementing of new innovations and modern features. This is not only about powertrain. Nevertheless, styling is also important. First of all, new 2018 Honda B model is using much more aluminum and carbon fiber for body parts. That makes car lighter. Furthermore, reflections are on fuel economy and handling. We don’t know much about 2018 B model. From platform we saw in Beijing, we can conclude it is going to be attractive, with bold styling. Car carries five doors and newly designed side-mounted lights. Interior is still mysterious. We are sure Honda is going to take all to offer latest infotainment and safety features.

2018 Honda B model rear view

2018 Honda B model release date and price

The 2018 Honda B model could be presented by the end of 2016. However, this is slightly optimistic. Fairly, it is more likely to see it during next year. Price will be around $10,000, probably less. Of course, if hybrid B model happens, price will raise.

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