2018 Honda Accord

According to some newest reports, company is going to introduce a next generation of its legendary sedan in two years, probably as 2018 Honda Accord. That will be a tenth generation of this iconic car, which is considered as one of the finest mid-size cars around. Original model was launched almost forty years ago and during all these years, Accord became one of the best-known nameplates in car industry. Thanks to its excellent quality and performances, beautiful design and plenty of technological innovations, this sedan is considered as class-leader for a long time. If we consider all if these, it is clear that expectations from next-generation model are very big.

2018 Honda Accord specs

2018 Honda Accord front view

It is hard to become a leader, but it is much harder to keep that position. This excellent car holds this position for a long time and company’s engineers work hardly to keep current state unchanged. In that order, 2018 Honda Accord is expected to come even more perfect than current model. If we think about what could be improved on current model, we all agree that this is very hard. We could expect that 2018 Honda Accord will feature a new platform. Current model is already characterized by massive use of lightweight materials such as aluminum and high-strength steel. Currently, over 50 percent of Accord is made of HSS. For the new Honda Accord, we expect even higher numbers. New model will be almost entirely made of extra light materials, which means massive weight savings and better performances eventually.

2018 Honda Accord redesign

When it is about visual appearance, it is still early to make some predictions. However, we expect that 2018 Accord will keep in the same manner. Although new model will probably come with plenty of new design solutions and we more attractive look than ever, base shape will remain. Simply, when you are a leader, there is no need for some radical changes.

2018 Honda Accord side view

2018 Honda Accord engine

Details about engines for 2018 Honda Accord are still unknown. We can only make some predictions. It is expected that current 3.5 liter V6 will remain. This engine is proven and great in all aspects. We will probably see only some modifications which will provide even more power and better economy. The 2018 Accord will also come in some four-cylinder variant. It is expected that current 2.4 liter unit will be replaced. We expect that new model will come with company’s new 2.0 liter turbocharged engine, which features plenty of power and also plenty of advanced technologies.

2018 Honda Accord release date

Exact release date is still unknown, but there are some predictions that 2018 Honda Accord will come somewhere in late 2017 or later.

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